Monday, August 09, 2010

Daily Links, August 9, 2010

The east coast, seen from atop Niu Shan. I'll be biking there this weekend!




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D said...

Re: Cindy Sui article.
Who is this "Sung Kuo-chen, a research fellow specializing in Taiwan-China relations at the National Chengchi University"? Isn't it prejudicial to cite him as an expert and then have the other side be represented by President Ma? His viewpoints seem rather extreme to me. And even if you agree with him about the effect ECFA could have, I think you should still object to his opinions being presented as near fact. It makes it look like everyone intelligent believes "unification" is fait accompli.

Kaminoge said...

Re Ian Bartholemew and "Formosa Betrayed", that's what often happens when expats review Hollywood films that have a "local" angle. Bartholemew got himself hung up on irrelevant points like the shooting locations and use of stilted Mandarin, and completely missed the point of the film.

Anonymous said...


re the Dr Y.T. Chen case, the Academia Sinica case where the inventor of the Pompe disease cure was charged with some kind of legal technicality of fudging the books, remember that story you blogged about the link:

I heard that Dr Chen is in the US right now. ...this whole legal's some weird technicality involving a business-related procedure that's legal in the states but not in Taiwan..... From what my sources stateside told me, Dr Chen is pretty angry that Taiwan has decided to make a big deal out of it, and is inclined not to do any business or research on the country's behalf anymore. Something like that....
Anyway, this was over a month ago, so sources are not sure about Dr Chen's whereabouts now, though they have reason to believe he is stateside.

Basically Dr Chen was feeling -- dismay, anger, disappointment.

Any news in Taiwan on the outcome of this case? Was it a KMT deal to smear him?

This guy: a DVD, titled Extraordinary Measures, Harrison Ford played the the actual scientist who found the cure for Pompe Disease — Chen Yuan-tsong of Taiwan.....

any follow up, news wise? i've been out of the country, gallavanting around Vietnam, so lost the thread....any news?

Don said...

Michael, I beg to differ on the Cindy Sui article. What I see here and in some of her previous stuff is a China-Daily / CCTV9-calibre display of balanced reporting (many say this...some say that...) about irrelevancies, paving the way for a privileged presentation of the CCP master-subject perspective ("Beijing has long said it is open to negotiating with political parties and individuals in Taiwan, as long as they are not bent on pushing for independence for the island") and then a meaty series of quotes projecting the United Front line that unification is simply a foregone conclusion (starting out: "If you look forward 10 years from now, Taiwan will likely go toward gradual, peaceful unification with China, like Hong Kong, in all but name," said Sung Kuo-chen, a research fellow specializing in Taiwan-China relations at...etc).

I smell Xinhua.

Anonymous said...

@Kaminoge re Ian Barthomew review of Formosa Betrayed...

but keep in mind that Ian is half-Taiwanese himself, mother or father, need to check, and he works for DPP supported Taipei Times, which editorially takes a very pro DPP and pro indepdendence and anti-White Terror POV and therefore the paper itself LOVES the movie Formosa Betrayed, but even though we might disagree with Ian on this, it's nice to know that the Times allows its reporters the freedom to say what they want to say without having to toe the party line, and for that, Ian's review is priceless. So he had quibbles? Big deal. That freedom is alive in this land is important. Notice that James Toply at the KMT supported China Post also wrote a very negative review of the movie, but that's par for the course at the Post, they hate Taiwan and Taiwan independence, and Topley is some white expat who came over here for a year or two to slave away for the Post's owners and this Topley guy cannot even write English properly. Read his review. The man is not literate in English, basically, a Yank I believe, about 25 years old, FOB, and he knows nothing about Taiwan and yet he writes that terrible review of FB. Why not go after him and leave Ian alone? Sure, the locations should not matter, Hollywood movies do it all the time, and accents are always weird, what about all those WWII movies with Germans speaking English, haha.