Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Links, August 23, 2010

Yet another Taiwan government-sponsored food contest. *sigh* Is the choice of food political? Outdoor activities are likely to create environmentalism, which businessmen hate, while local history and culture are anathema to the KMT.

Anyway, what's on the blogs?

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Jenna Cody said...

Yeah, except the food review at Taoyuan is utter BS - they'll rate the food, but all it might (MIGHT) do is encourage the two lackluster caterers to offer only slightly less noxious and extortionately priced options.

A food "review system" isn't what Taoyuan needs. It's like a band-aid on an amputation wound. It needs a complete food overhaul. I consider it a pleasure to fly through Singapore's airport, and Taipei and Hong Kong (which ought to have better food than it does) would do well to aspire to that level.

Tommy said...

The links to the prediction market polls do not work. This aside, the selection of articles for this week is excellent, especially the ones about the South China Sea. Thanks!

Michael Turton said...

The prediction market links work for me!?

Anonymous said...

"The ROC government makes another stupid claim to the Senkakus."

You can say stupid for all your hearts delight just like what Putin told the Japanese government about the Kurile Islands.

Stupidity here is defined from a point of weakness.

If Taiwan is a strong country then the Ilan county claim of Tiao Yu Tai would not be called stupid especially by a person who Taiwan welcomes with such open arms.

As an old timer here in Taiwan please be considerate about those 'stupid' Taiwanese who feels strongly that those islands belongs to Ilan.


白痴のジェローム said...

Anon 5:27pm, you are desingenuous. Repeat after me, please, dez-in-dge- nyu-us. And desingenuous you are in that peculiar Chinazi way that stinks to high heavens.

Michael did not mention the Taiwan on whose behalf you make a pretense of speaking. He pointedly mentioned the STUUUU-PID act the Chinese exiles on Taiwan want us to call roc. And for all I know, that spokesman was actually speaking on behalf of China.

We? Pray, tell what entity was that spokesman talking for? Ah! Yes, that governing authority its protector allowed on Japanese Formosa on its behalf 65 years ago.

Methink said authority should connect itself with its protector and Japan and update itself on its legal status before putting its foot in its mouth in uttering "Taiwan's mine, the Sankakus are, too" again.

And don't you think that flag should be lowered if those who forced it on Japanese Formosa can not muster the cojones to raise it when a Chinese envoy sticks his nose in US-occupied Japanese Formosa internal affairs?

Strange how a Chinese official can say, "Who gives a damn about you!" when a Japanese official's accurate framing of that governing authority's rickety status on Formosa makes him personna non grata. Is not there a double standard and very un-confucean lack of piety toward the motherland?

The fun ellicited by watching unduly arrogant Chinese exiles prancing around US occupied Japanese Formosa has soured.

They have outlasted their stay.

Anonymous said...

白痴のジェローム please don't be hysterical, I'm just sayin or reminding people who are oldtimers here in Taiwan to be considerate about the feeling of some here who are even willing to die for their cause.

Whether its right or wrong is not for me nor you nor Michael to judge.

Those islands could belong to you and I don't care but in this present crazy world it would not hurt anyone to be considerate of the belief of others here who are even willing to risk their lives just to prove 'their' point.

Relax and go biking! The beautiful roads of Taiwan is waiting for ya!


BTW only the Naruwan people are not 'exiles' or 'colonizers' here. I don't know about the english teachers status though :)

白痴のジェローム said...

Naruwan, huh? Naruhodo(なるほど), my dear anon. So that’s the taî-hole of last resort you are crawling out from.

To bevin チュウ, joe へっち & al. (aka anons), your inept reference to Naruwan reminds me that I hail from the westernmost reach of the austronesian languages sphere (Malagasy <- Barito <- Malayo-Polynesian <- Austronesian <- Formosan languages). This affords me claim to concern over my Formosan cousins’ well-being.

Not that I actually am Malagasy. But my US-citizenship application papers tell me that I can forget about my previous passports. It all hinges on where I was born. So, Madagascar it is, which makes me a “zanatany”, from “zanaka + tany”, a son of the land.

What claim have you, anon and your ilk, to a counter-claim. None, except your devious claim of concern over a purported Formosan First Nation’s heritage.

Concern that, in swiping, Limbaugh-esque and thought process-free fashion, I will conflate with that of the Southern Christian fundamentalists usurped concern over the well-being of Israelis in Palestine.

Now purported Naruwan-hugger that you are, tell me how **it – yes, feces – is expressed in various Formosan languages. I expect you to get back to me with a mouthful of “taï”, as it is how it’s called down the austronesian languages thread, both in Indonesia and Madagascar.

If you feel offended that I am trying to smear your mask in **it, be my guest. In Madagascar, we also have an epithet for an arrogant and devious “sinoa” like you. We conjure images of feny taï (full of **it) platters and call him adalo-adalo.

ADAlo-ADAlo – tell me, buster, ain’t ringing a bell?

Anonymous said...


Pida ka balachiok? LOL!


Anonymous said...

" If you feel offended that I am trying to smear your mask in **it, be my guest."

No thanx, you can keep your fave food
exclusively for your own consumption!

Now you'll be known as ' The Expert of Tai!"

Natural for people who can't reason in a civil argument resort to bull-tai! ROFL!

Mali Mali!