Thursday, January 21, 2010

Government Restructured this week

From the Blue papers via KNN:
The Legislative Yuan passed legislation yesterday on the government restructuring plan before the current period of sessions adjourned last night. According to the legislation, the existing thirty-seven ministries and cabinet-level commissions will be reduced to twenty-nine, including fourteen ministries, eight commissions, three independent agencies, and four other institutions, with a total of ten existing cabinet-level agencies being merged (see table below). The new structure of the Cabinet will be implemented on January 1, 2012. Likewise, the total number of personnel employed by the Central Government agencies would be reduced to below 173,000, from the current 220,000.

The government restructuring plan involves amendments to the Executive Yuan Organic Act and the Central Government Agencies Organic Act as well as the newly enacted Central Government Personnel Complement Act and the Temporary Statute Governing Adjustments of the Executive Yuan’s Organization, Functions and Services.
Although it looks like there are going to be cuts in employment, a wise friend told me that it isn't actually going to work out that way. The KNN piece has a table that lists the new government structure.
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Anonymous said...

This has been talked about seriously for at least over a year. I remember one headline then was Lu Shue Chang, legislator rep Hsinchu City and one of the KMT legislative leaders made headlines saying "29 depts is still way way too many. Every efficient country has like 10. By the way, we need to add one more department--a science and technology dept [so that they can rain grants down on Hsinchu]". KMT...