Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daily Links, Jan 11, 2010


MEDIA: Taiwan has world's lowest birth rate. Famous Contrarian Investor predicts China Crash. That would be extremely bad news for Taiwan and the world. Apropo: WaPo asks whether it is really a bubble. And another poisoned Chinese product: cadmium toys. China Times survey on the H1N1 shots -- vaccine is another issue like beef with powerful dread factor that mobilizes voters -- and with bonus corruption factor too! (hopefully local media will report on it soon). KNN shows from the voting patterns that the DPP victory was due to Blue voters staying home. Canada also unhappy about beef mess. Time on the beef mess. Taiwan's press says Ma could lose in 2012. KMT lawmakers rip Ma, KMT policies after election loss. Hey, 4 million people knew. How come you didn't? Prediction center says Ma's chances of winning the 2012 election have plunged. Climb leader found dead on Yushan; group lied about equipment. WaPo's John Pomfret on China's rising influence in Washington.

AGW: Pliocene warming scary analogue for current looming nightmare.

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Thanks for the link. For the sake of clarity, the release applies to anybody in a photo, not just a "model".