Friday, December 04, 2009

Taiwan Film Wins Major International Award

Another triumph for the film....(Reuters)
A Taiwanese film about a father who battles to keep custody of his daughter won the top prize at the 40th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) on Friday.

"I Can't Live Without You", directed by Leon Dai, won the Golden Peacock award and a cash prize of 4 million rupees at the closing ceremony of the 11-day film festival in the tourist haven of Goa.

The jury, headed by Brazilian director Joao Batista de Andrade, praised the film for being a "poetic and realistically designed" depiction of a father-daughter relationship.


Nearly 300 films were screened at the film festival in Goa, often referred to as India's Cannes for its mix of world and Indian cinema.
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

I caught that film (Can't Live without You) the week that it was showing in the 2 or 3 theaters in Taipei that actually deem to show made-in-Taiwan films. I enjoyed it, too. No English subtitles, of course (although they told me there would be), and I understood nothing of the Hakka and Taiwanese-dialect dialog, and only bits of the Chinese dialog. Unfortunately, I don't read Chinese fast enough or well enough to catch more than just the gist of what's in the subtitles. Fortunately, I had someone with me who could help me keep up with some of the details of the story!

Is Can't Live Without You still playing in Taiwan?

I learned early-on that when a new Taiwan movie is released to the theaters, you have to get right out and see it...because if you wait until the following Friday, they will probably have already pulled it.

Which is why I rushed to see Cape No. 7 the first week it was out...and then surprise! It ran for months, and now you can't find anyone who HASN'T seen that one!

in Bexar County