Monday, December 21, 2009

Chen Yunlin Security State

Forgive another picture heavy post.... fate took me down to the Windsor Hotel today where I snapped some pictures of the heavy security around the Chen Yunlin visit. Here's the view from Taichunggang Rd as you cross under the HSR.

The Falunggong has set up outside the building.

Directly in front of the hotel.

Lines of police keep cars away.

Protesters cluster directly across from the hotel. Had my camera accidentally set to ISO 800, so they are sort of overexposed and grainy.

The media is also there.

Up and down the street there are policemen on every corner. Here's a hint: stop threatening Taiwan, and it won't threaten you, Mr. Chen.
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jerome said...

Allied Powers-occupied Japanese Taiwan passed under US-facilitated exiled Chinese Nationalists’ control in the aftermath of the Chinese civil war. The September 2, 1951 SFPT amputated Japan of its territory while postponing decision over Taiwan’s final status. In spite of the interim status-quo, China claims Taiwan its own. (47 words. Can you do shorter while including all the baddies?)

Yunlin dear, you know all about it. And there’s nothing you can do about it without help from your lapdogs smugly ensconced behind their high walls at Taihoku, Taichu Takao and Karenko.

Jerome of Valenciennes, France

Mark said...

Hahaha, the same idiotic police tactic used when CYL visited Taipei last time. The police were lined up shoulder to shoulder all around the base of the 101 so that they could whisk CYL in there for dinner. Worse yet, you should have seen the number of police they had deployed all along the roads in and out of CKS airport stopping cars and questioning drivers (a colleague was stopped twice on is way to work as he drove past CKS) - our whole office staff was late for work that day, arriving in disbelief at the 'security'. The 7,000 or so cops they had on the streets for the first visit dwarfs what I see in those pics.....