Friday, December 18, 2009

Next Meet Up: Jan 2

Jerome Keating sends around advance notice:


Again I send a little advance notice for our January meeting;

It will be on Saturday, January 2nd. at 10 am. We figure that by then you will have recovered from revelry on New Years Eve. The speaker will be Michael Danielsen of Copenhagen Denmark. Michael has a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from Roskilde Univ. and a Masters in Science & Engineering from Tech. Univ. Denmark. He is Head of Development and Analysis at a company called Geomatic that provides geostatic and demographic information on all sorts of things. Type Geomatic, Copenhagen into Google and you will find a very interesting and forward looking company. (Michael's office is in a fashionable "old" section of Copenhagen--shades of Hans Christian Anderson. Michael will be talking on the European and in particular Danish perspective on Taiwan.

In addition to his work and running for the City Council, Michael has developed the website "Taiwan Corner" so that Taiwan can be better represented in the Danish media. It is an informative website on Taiwan--to find it, again type 'Taiwan Corner, Copenhagen' into Google It is in several languages.

I will finalize the venue; it will probably be the same--after Christmas.
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