Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Events and Announcements

As always, plenty of stuff going on....

Taipei Players
Sunday, March 29, 2009
2:00pm - 9:30pm
At Bliss
148 Xinyi Rd., Sec. 4 (台北信義路四段148號)
Taipei, Taiwan

TAIPEI PLAYERS presents a staged-reading of "7 Stories"!
Featuring (in order of appearance):
Daniel Munns (as Man)
Sarah Zittrer
Ben Cunningham
Jun Lee
Ben Lind
Brook Hall
Patty Wu
Brandon Thompson
Mandy Roveda
Ted Pigott
Mike Tennant
Katie Partlow
Holly Harrington

About the play:
"7 Stories" is a hilarious, fast-paced play about one man's dance with suicide. As he stands on the ledge of an apartment building, contemplating whether or not he should jump, various characters enter through 7 different windows in the building. Though he is a stranger to everyone in the building, the man is taken through a very entertaining journey into the lives of these 12 eccentric characters. Each character copes with the lack of meaning in their own lives in a different and silly, senseless way. The man gets drawn into the lives and absurdities of these nutty characters and comes to a surprising conclusion at the end.

Come on out for a great afternoon and/or evening of theatre! We've got a wonderful and entertaining show for you! The play runs about an hour, and we promise you it will be an hour not to forget!

SHOW TIMES: 2pm & 8pm
COVER CHARGE: $300 (incl. free drink)
Get your tickets early! Seats are limited!
For further information or to reserve seats, please email Sarah or Mandy at:


The next photo club meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 28, Saturday. Monitor their Flickr page ( for further details.

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