Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wild Strawberry Video

The Wild Strawberries have posted a video of their background and their movement at the iCNN website.


Haitien said...

Just in case you haven't heard yet, the Wild Strawberries are planning a big march on December 7, starting at Liberty Square at noon. The route will take them past the National Police Administration, the Executive and Legislative Yuans, Ketagelan Blvd, and back to Liberty Square again. This one is open to anyone who wants to attend, though again, no signs or partisan paraphernalia.

The main objective is to express displeasure at the run around the LY gave the students during the 11/27 public hearing on revising the Parade and Assembly Law, where the KMT caucus basically stated its intention to change the wording of the law, without any real change in content (the government can still declare protests illegal before they take place).

Michael Fahey said...

The students did a good job in putting together a video that is clearly in their own voice.

I'm afraid that the footage they show of alleged police brutality was not very convincing though--it looks more to me like demonstrators are confronting police. And the wild strawberry is such an unfortunate icon. Sigh.

Tommy said...

The enforcement of no paraphernalia is a very very good move. It keeps those in Taiwan who are sick of both parties on board. I just hope nobody shows up to make trouble and that the government doesn't try some trick to play this down. The usual criticisms won't go far without the DPP target to aim for.

Anonymous said...

Ma just said no to letting the Dalai Lama visit next year. When will people realize he's simply China's tool?

Taiwan Echo said...

Feiren: "the footage they show of alleged police brutality was not very convincing though"

This is probably by far the weakest point of their entire movement.

IMO, they don't have to spend much effort trying to persuade people to follow them. Just show the world all those convincing police brutality clips, don't need to say much, and readers will jump in right away.