Thursday, December 25, 2008

Along the River

A few days ago I took a bike ride along the dull gray concreted ditch that is referred to on maps as a 'river' not far from where I live.

Some construction company has made a lot of money building concrete squares in the river.

It would seem that the river is dead, a whited sepulchre of cement and gravel.....

...yet the occasional bird can be seen hunting for food in it.

The county apparently got some money for beautification and is busy erecting pretty bridges up and down the river.

On the other side of the road along the embankment are gardens and small farms.

A narrow road divides the riverbed from the town.

Gardens everywhere.

The paraphernalia of work.

Further down an informal sign warns you that automobiles cannot go through.

It's a mystery why there is only barbed wire in this spot.

With fishing on the increase, even a bit of water like this attracts a few fishermen.

...and a bird too.

An afternoon walk on the riverbank.

A bright, hazy day.

The county has also been attempting to brighten the river with parks. Here the park begins.

A riverside BBQ. Full of Taiwanese friendliness, they naturally invited me.

Flood control works.

Danger! Water!

At the next bridge a little girl sat yelling at her parents to hurry up.

Another new bridge. Here I ran into Thomas, who reads my blog. Send me an email, man!

Unfortunately the roads aren't nearly as nice as the bridges, as the county government is totally broke.

Along the river are farms....

....and a small orange grove. The sign warns that the trees have been sprayed with pesticide. Don't get any closer!

This bridge is still under construction.

A neat pile of debris from the destruction of a building.

Of course, there must be a temple nearby.....

....and a long-deserted betel nut stand.

The imposing new Tz Chi hospital complex in Tanzi. I've heard that although it was not needed -- by the formula the National Health program uses there are enough beds in the Taichung area -- the hospital received an exemption and was built. At some point the government subsidy program is going to run out of money to pay for the unlimited demand for subsidies from large hospital building entities -- especially since it appears to lack the ability to say "no" -- and that will be that.


Anonymous said...

As long as organized crime is running the show... there will always be unlimited government subsidized construction.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. That predator drone is turning out to be a wise investment!

And a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Michael, Thanks so much for your photos. I'm not in Taiwan right now, so your photos help me feel more connected to my favorite place. Peter.