Friday, December 05, 2008

Daily Links, Dec 5, 2008

What's relaxing on the blogs today?

  • Global Voices rounds up the negative reaction to President Ma's decision to refuse to let the Dalai Lama come to Taiwan -- where he is widely revered. Also collects HIV positive Taiwan blogs

  • A-gu notes that the inheritance tax to be cut. Take his bet on the NUC.

  • Far Eastern Sweet Potato on Brookings, Day II

  • The Jiayou bike path.

  • The Foreigner with an excellent rip of China Post writer Joe Hung and good info on the Wild Strawberries. Bala Daily has a timeline on the Berries.

  • The Utterance with a great post on foreigners' complete lack of understanding of Chinese food.

  • Jerome has some good pieces this week, among them one on the Bar Association.

  • MEDIA: Amnesty International on Taiwan and the Wild Strawberries. Laughter Yoga founder coming to Taiwan to spread laughter. Steve Young of AIT reassures that Obama will continue to support Taiwan. 10 major infrastructure projects to be carried out 'seriously'. Taiwan's DRAM makers not looking forward to industry consolidation. President says time not right for visit from the Dalai Lama. Cold front on the way this weekend! Taiwan forecasts recession, plans to create 100K jobs. IHT compares China's execution of Taiwanese businessmen to US illegal prisons and says Guantanamo mebbe cost the US some moral authority. Ya think? Amway to send 13,000 employees from China on trip to Taiwan. Taiwan to accept students from China. Taiwan may get visa-free entry to the US. Once elected, Ma ignores southern Taiwan. What did they think would happen?

    CONGRATULATIONS TO: The Wild Strawberries. The Assembly and Parade law is being addressed. Unfortunately the new revisions appear to be old wine in new bottles...

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