Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Credit Card Wizard Takes Police to Court over Chen Yun-lin Violence

It's been overshadowed by the news of the arrival of the pair of RUS from China this week, but Yang Hui-ju, the Credit Card goddess, is suing the police for beating her during the closing of the music store for playing Taiwan songs during the visit of Chen Yunlin. Clearly this woman fears nothing. Here is the announcement.


Credit Card Wizard Takes on Police Chief for Police Violence During Chinese Representative November Visit

23 December 2008 0900: Press conference in front of the Taipei District Court
Bo Ai Rd. No 131 Taipei

My name is Yang Hui-Ju楊蕙如. To all of you that receive this hope that you can do me a favor.

When China’s representative Chen Yun-Lin visited Taiwan many people experienced outrageous treatment by Taiwanese police when they were protesting. One of the most well-known cases was that Beitou District Police Bureau Precinct Director, Lee Han-Ching (李漢卿) forced the closure of the Sunrise Records store igniting strong resentment among the crowd. I was one of the victims as well. I was sent to the hospital due to Han-Chin Lee himself and those riot control police that he directed attacked and trampled me while I was holding our national flag and standing peacefully

Later I found out afterwards that perhaps due to fear, due to a lack of back up or other resources, or probably for reasons of not wanting to waste a bunch of time on legal proceedings, I could find no one filing the lawsuit against Lee Han-Ching . He was even being promoted and rewarded for his recent “performances”. His arrogance is demonstrated by his “dare you to sue me” to the victims.

I have never sued anyone in Taiwan, but now, for the rights of all the victims and the dignity of Taiwan, I decided to file a lawsuit against Lee Han-Ching.

The court session will be held at 9 am on 23rd of December 2008. He is compelled to appear in court. This is the first appearance in court, I hope you can come to express your support for us. We are going to gather together at 8:40 am and sing a song – 戀戀北迴線, the song they forced the record store to turn off. We will lift the signs and protest peacefully. Taiwanese have their right and freedom to express their opinions – this is the only matter I care and fight for.

Whether the Taiwan police over-reacted when Chen Yun-lin visited Taiwan has yet to have a full and fair discussion among the public. Perhaps, the forum of the courts is the place to clarify the facts and the issues.

If you are not able attend because you have to work or study, and you do not agree with how the police treated those peaceful citizens or if you disagree with the reasons the police shut down Shang-Yang Record Store and you believe that Taiwanese have their rights and own sovereignty, please forward this mail to your friends, to those you think they deserve to know.

I have to admit, in this court action, I need more people to give me the strength to face more challenges in the future. I am by myself, I am young, I am not as brave as others. I hope you can give me some support, some courage to help me keep going. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Hui-Ju Yang
楊蕙如 12/21/08


skiingkow said...

I wish I was there. I would gladly give my support in person!

corey said...

Well, when there is so much to lose, what is there to fear?

Anonymous said...

戀戀北迴線 aka 台灣之歌 aka "The Taiwan Song".

Yeah, stupid crowd of Taiwanese people having too much fun singing and dancing to some idiotic Taiwan song playing in a music store. No wonder the police had to shut them down.

TicoExpat said...

Same one that was tossed back from the Other Side and not allowed to enter during the Olympics?

Anonymous said...

I wish that I could have known earlier today, if not last night and I would have made efforts to show up, join the protest and hearing. I am awaiting to hear the results. She is a brave woman for what she has gone through, protesting and appearing court. Even with national pride, not many of us have the courage to stand out there as a physical representation for what we believe in. She is truly far much braver than they (mentioned).

Anonymous said...

RE: "We are going to gather together at 8:40 am and sing a song ... the same song they forced the record store to turn off."

Michael Turton Sir,
You and readers here should know the truth. Some DPP people get carried away with paranoia. In fact, in fact, the police went in to the record store at first just to politely tell the owner that the music she was playing was turned up too loud, and could she please turn it down a notch or two on the volume control, because there ARE noise pollution standards in Taiwan, and the music was apparently too loud. This has been reported in the newspapers here. That's all the police intended to do. But once they were in the store, and asked the owner to turn the sound down a bit, all hell broke loose, mostly because the demonstrators felt the police were trying to stop the music from being played. They were not. They just wanted to tell the owner to turn the volume down. This is the god's honest truth, but people like "credit card thief Yang" (she used credit cards to steal from banks, in fact, she is no heroine here) and other DPP paranoid people are now blaming the police for trying to shut the place down and saying they wanted to stop the music completely. That is NOT what happened. In addition, if you saw the news on TV, in Tainan, the DPP thugs DID push that Chicom to the ground, one man put his hand on Chen's shoulder and shoved him. That is how he fell down. The DPP then tried to say he tripped on a tree root or something. There are too many LIES going on here. The DPP has become aparty of thugs, liars and paranoid credit card thiefs like Yang. What happened to the old DPP we all used to love. Sir, u should tell the truth, instead of spotlighting a jerk like Yang. She is NOT the salt of the Earth.

Anonymous said...

Yang is not a credit card wizard, she used her credit card to steal from banks. Legally, yes, but it is still stealing. The banks had to pay out bigtime. How does this qualify her as a hero? Or a wizard? She stole money from the banks. Read the papers.

Dixteel said...

I hoped the session went well. Hope I was there. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HER!

Anon, you forgot one thing: why do you need so many police, including the chief of the police station, to go to a music store just to tell them to turn the volume down a bit? Don't they have better things to do? Why don't they send 1 or 2 police men, then there won't be so much fuzz? Whatever newspaper says or whatever the police says you believe? In Taiwan's current environment, that's ridiculous. And please explain those explainations(lies) of Ma and the police for taking away flags etc. Maybe the police was asking them to carry smaller flags because bigger ones make them too horny?

And to what happen in Tainan, people seem to see differnt things even though we all saw the same video, so can't really discuss it. But think about it this way, let's say you are right and those people are thugs, what do you call those police men that stop people, people's motorcycle, cars, taxi, on road and highway just because there are flags on them? Did you see how they push the scooters down onto the side walk?

Anonymous said...

"...in fact, the police went in to the record store at first just to politely tell the owner that the music she was playing was turned up too loud, and could she please turn it down a notch or two on the volume control, because there ARE noise pollution standards in Taiwan, and the music was apparently too loud."

And yet it's curious how none of those noise-control laws were enforced during the Shih Ming-teh protests. Plenty of loud air horns going off at all hours for over a month, but we never of a SINGLE Redshirt being asked to "turn down the volume a bit."

Just let ONE record store play a few Taiwanese anthems a bit too loud for a few minutes however, and suddenly those laws must be ENFORCED TO THE LETTER.

LOL. When the cops claim to be politically neutral, just who do they think they're fooling?

As for the woman Michael mentioned, her past is irrelevant. If the police beat up someone -- ANYONE -- for something as innocuous as carrying an ROC flag, then they ought to be held to account.

And it doesn't matter whether the flag-bearer is the Credit Card Wizard, the Tooth Fairy, or the devil himself.

Taiwan Echo said...

Those who posted against the topic or the Credit Card Wizard are all 'anonymous' ... interesting ...

Anonymous said...

Your standard of stealing is pretty strange. So banks can come up with small print gotchas that hit you up with fees here and there, convince lots of unsuspecting customers to transfer balances with right off the bat several percentage points in fees, but if you find a way to play by the rules and make money, that's stealing?

The bank can't sustain that kind of business. But anyone that sells something for too cheap, it's their burden to fix it, not the customer's. How would that be stealing?

Was it stealing to take out a subprime loan? The rules are what they are and just as the little guy has to pay up when he's caught by a gotcha, so should the big banks and corporations.

NONE said...


"Some DPP people get carried away with paranoia".

* You are implying other people do not. I would like to remind you of something called "Bulletgate".

"read the papers"

* Some of us wish we could read the papers and be reasonably certain of their non-partisan accuracy and non-editorialized reporting. Unfortunately the current government has started applying pressure to journalists to report "favorable" news, or it comes from affiliates which are owned in-part by the KMT, and therefore we are unable to trust anything being reported by most of the major media outlets.

I would implore you to QUESTION THE PAPERS.

Anonymous said...

The woman in this case reminds me of the movie, Punch Drunk Love, where Adam Sandler's character gets rich with pudding taps.

Unknown said...

I echo Taiwan Echo in indicating the absurdity that the only anonymous comments come from someone denouncing the story as a lie.
If you want to talk about paranoia, Anonymous Coward, why don't you talk about yourself? Isn't it interesting that your credibility is pretty much nil as soon as you decided to maintain your anonymity? It is not as if you will be arrested or beaten up. But you lack the stones to give a name or even an idea of a name (as a with a pseudonym) to your so-called statements or, er, facts.

You have no credibility whatsoever. At first I was willing to give the benefit of doubt, but then I saw not the slightest willingness to show yourself (as the rest of us do - particularly Michael who has his pictures all over his blog!)

Not to mention the usual anonymous troll characteristics you display of namecalling, black-and-white perspectives, and depictions of everyone else on the post as disingenuous and gullible.

Anonymous said...

You see, none of you answered the first anon's points. you should change the subject and say well, what about this , what about that? Face the music, people. The DPP done tanked and Credit card White dog carrier yang is a loon.

Noboy answered the charges about the music store, the thugs pushing Chen down or the credit thief. You turn everything to fit your agenda. Face facts, friends.

but you can't and you won't. so why post here anymore. I will go away. you don't want to hear the truth or the facts. That is the problem with Taiwan. Nobody wants to face reality. i have only been here a year but i see....

Michael Turton said...

So clear-eyed! And after only a year, too.

Facing facts is for children, anon. Adults try and determine how the facts are constructed in the first place, before we decide whether to "face" them.


Anonymous said...

"he thugs pushing Chen down"

It's so ironic you mention "thugs". The city councilman shouldn't have been so in Chen's face, but he certainly didn't push him down. Who pushes someone over and then picks them up right away? What would be the point?

The irony is that right after Chen was pushed over, real thugs, Taiwanese mafia started threatening the city councilman and his family, even bringing media to record his forced
"apology" (it wasn't an apology because he stood up for his beliefs and said conciliatory words, but didn't apologize).