Sunday, November 30, 2008

Direct Shipping in December

Even as China executes a medical scientist accused of spying for Taiwan -- with nary a public word from the Ma Ying-jeou government -- DPA reports that direct shipping between China and Taiwan will being in mid-December...
Taipei - Taiwan and China will hold the last round of consultations next week to prepare for launching direct shipping in mid-December, a newspaper said Saturday. The United Daily News (UDN) said that China's Cross-Strait Shipping Association will send a delegation to Taiwan on December 2 to discuss technicalities of direct shipping with Taiwan's shipping officials.

[details like rates, times etc to be ironed out]

The talks are also expected to discuss if Taiwanese ships registered in foreign countries can join the direct shipping.

Under the pact signed on November 4, only Taiwanese and Chinese ships are allowed to sail directly across the Taiwan Strait, so that the profits of cross-strait cooperation will not be shared by foreigners.

However, since 477 Taiwan freighters - or 96 per cent of Taiwan's cargo/container ship fleet - fly foreign flags, Taipei asked China to allow foreign-registered Taiwan freighters to join the cross-strait direct shipping service.
At present, if they stick to the agreement to limit shipping to own-flagged ships, all of the business will belong to China. Note also that if only Taiwan and China-flagged ships are to ply the Strait, then effectively, it is a domestic route.

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Boyd Jones said...

Direct shipping will lower costs and as a consumer in Taiwan I am looking forward to it!