Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daily Links, Nov 20, 2008

So what's being sprayed across the blogs out there?
  • Chinese Consumer Connection, Clyde Warden's podcasts on marketing in local culture, with a certain pudgy, balding blogger on marketing wine in Taiwan, and with Robert Reynolds holding forth in an excellent podcast on centralization vs deregulation in the educational system and elsewhere in local society.

  • Interview with Taiwanese-American actor Kevin Yu.

  • Fili on hong kong myths.

  • The China Beat on the Wild Strawberries.

  • The Mouse-Eared Kiwi does SYS.

  • Patrick on an old Tainan treat.

  • The Foreigner on the Obama Administration.

  • Old Taiwan photos from LIFE.

  • Latin American blog looks at Taiwan's struggle to maintain its "allies" in the Americas.

  • A-gu argues Ma does not want to sell out Taiwan to China, but will unintentionally.

  • D. Corey confronts Chinese students in America bent on stamping out pro-Taiwan statements.

  • Robert long and eloquent on the health care system here and the barbarism that is the US system.

  • Jerome on Annette Lu's statement on the recent detentions.

  • Stephanie at Tea Masters blogs on Da Yu Ling Oolong.

  • Mark goes to the same baseball game I did.

  • David on human rights here.

  • The Wild East: Revolutionary Agriculture right outside Taipei.

  • Everything of Niao-sung, photos of a small town in southern Taiwan, in English and in Chinese. A labor of love.

  • Kelake on micro-blogs.

  • The China Beat on the growing mess in China. Will nationalism + depression = war?

  • MEDIA: A very garbled view of Taiwan's history from Romania. An essay from a mainlander who discovers she is a global citizen in one of China's representative offices in the US. China says US is "needling" China with arms sales to Taiwan. US moves 60% of sub fleet to Pacific to offset China's growing threat. Who are the other 40% aimed at? And isn't China our benevolent strategic partner? An interview with the new Taiwan representative to Japan. Way cool: Taiwan, Lockheed in OTEC project in Hawaii. 29 Taiwanese fishermen missing after burnt out boat found off NZ. Adult children of foreigners to be able to stay in Taiwan. Because Taipei consumes a wildly disproportionate share of the nation's budget, other places are combining together to become "special municipalities" or "special regions" like Taipei. Now Kaohsiung is thinking about it. Giant economic stimulus on the way. Taiwan economy contracts in the 3rd quarter. Chen Shui-bian hospitalized. Call President stupid, get 30 days off.

    EVENTS: Don't forget, Tuesday Heritage hosts Dr. Shieh to talk about his experiences in an apparent political prosecution.


    Tommy said...

    Michael, regarding that Taiwan economic data that points to a recession rather than just low growth for quarters 3, 4, and 1, I think you forgot to include something: Ma, save us!

    Anonymous said...

    The other 40 % would be largely aimed at North Korea.

    Anonymous said...

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    Dixteel said...

    The merge of city and county etc might be good idea. Frank Hsie during his presidential compaign mention the "6 Stars" plan. Basically divide Taiwan into 6 major zones and develop them based on each zone specialties etc, and eventually create 6 economic entities each equivalent to Singapore in economic strength. Well that last part might be too idealistic but the rest I think is quite viable. Instead of concentrating all development in Taipei City, which would be most likely too wasteful in budget anyway, try to spread them into the rest of the region in meaningful ways.

    I visited Hawaii when I was a kid and was very impressed by it. I think there might be much more oppertunities of cooperation between State of Hawaii and Taiwan.