Tuesday, October 21, 2008

State Department Replies to Congressional Inquiry on New Taiwan Guidelines

A few weeks ago there was a kerfuffle about the new State Department guidelines for its relations with Taiwan (blogged on here). I discussed the guidelines and the text is there for readers to peruse themselves. Above is the State Department's reply to an inquiry from a member of Congress on the issue (click to go its Flickr page and see it bigger). There was much new language added to the cable, which simply appears to codify what was already US policy, for the most part.

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Anonymous said...

Not on topic, but it is interesting that letter is addressed to Shelly Berkley, the Nevada congresswomen. Of course she is worried because she wants closer ties to Taiwan (and the KMT) for her constituents to build Asian market casinos. From what I've read, some of these companies already have some working agreements in place that are time sensitive. (bank loans based on if the KMT passes the gaming bills)

I hope the Taiwanese are smart enough not to allow casinos in Taiwan. Imo, besides a CCP takeover, this is the worse thing that can happen to Taiwan. It will only end in misery and trouble.

btw, here is a sat map of where the casino will be in Penghu.