Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wu Li-pei Money Conduit?

The Taipei Times has an interview with former Presidential Advisor Wu Li-pei, who says Chen gave him money for advancing Taiwan's cause in the world...

In an interview with the Chinese-language Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister paper) on Thursday, former presidential adviser Wu Li-pei (吳澧培) revealed that Chen contacted him earlier this year and said he was willing to provide capital “to help do something toward the expansion of Taiwan’s diplomatic relations.”

Wu, a long-time independence advocate, said this gesture had moved him and he therefore agreed to do what he had been asked.

Wu said in the interview that he was very surprised that Chen had since exposed him,
since this was certain to create problems for him in his ongoing efforts.

Saying that he has worked for the Taiwanese cause his whole life, Wu said he never talked about how much he had done and donated. He did not want people to start questioning his actions from a personal or moral perspective and therefore wanted to take the chance in the interview to clearly explain everything, adding that if there was anything investigators found unclear he could of course provide further explanation.
Note that nomoney laundering was going on, according to Wu, and that his story tracks Chen's. Wu made his money in banking and knows what the rules are. He is a longtime independence supporter with a track record of providing and organizing funds on Taiwan's behalf. It is a shame that Wu has to be out there defending himself because of Chen Shui-bian.


Anonymous said...

Chen Shui-bian's plan right now is to keep acting like an arrogant son-of-a-bitch as long as the police can't find where the money came from in the first place.

The Blue's have been non-stop rumor-mongering for over a month and they can't find anything that sticks! What if this money all really is just campaign contributions that should have been declared?!

It's not an answer that's palatable to Ma or the Blues, and I think Chen is having the time of his life rubbing that in (of course it could just be a bet that an illegal source for the funds won't be found). We just don't know at all, even after all this investigation, whether there's any evidence at all for illegal exchanges happening because of this money.

Tim Maddog said...

It is a shame. But it's also a shame that Chen Shui-bian has to defend himself and his family because of daily accusations by the media and people like Chiu Yi (邱毅).

Chen is hardly the only one affected, and everyone should be paying close attention to how the case is being prosecuted with this particular thought in mind: "What if that were me?"

Tim Maddog

Anonymous said...

It's a shame any of this nonsense has to go on on the behalf of a sovereign and democratic country. If there weren't a bunch of wankers like Ma who want to "re-take the mainland" this scandal would never have existed. Instead you have a bunch of people who love Taiwan trying any means they can (no matter how retarded or illegal) to see to it that Taiwan stays independent.

Anonymous said...

Chinese compatriots aka oversea Chinese aka people who want to be back in China..:


Liu Tao-shen, 35, was arrested in the act of slicing into pieces three flags displayed along the railing of a bridge in Tungshih, near Fengyuan, early in the morning.

“It’s you again,” said one of the police patrolmen who made the arrest.

He arrested her on the same spot last Monday.

She had been arrested many, many times on the same charges before. In fact, she went to jail one time to spend 55 days behind bars.

But she was released without bail Monday as well as yesterday. Police told her to present herself before them when summoned, however.

Asked why she tirelessly repeated the flag-tearing, Liu said she hates the Republic of China, which is simply a province of the People’s Republic.

“I did so to protest the mistreatment of Chinese spouses in Taiwan,” Liu told the police who arrested her.

She had cut her right indicating finger with her knife while trying to shred the three flags.

“I’ll tear your national flag again and again,” Liu vowed as she stepped out of the police sub-station at Tungshih, a town near Fengyuan which is the seat of the Taichung county government.

Anonymous said...

The current status of Taiwan is the legacy of the KMT. Without the KMT, Taiwan would have been a normal PRC province nowadays. The KMT-bashing is dubious, because without the KMT, the very idea of Taiwan independence would have been impossible.

Anonymous said...

A-Bian was on TV saying the stock market is going the 4000s for sure (4 sounds like die).

Meanwhile, magazines have been reporting Ma's complete obsession with A-bian's case, following every little development.

Man, this is unhealthy political competition at its absolute worst. A-Bian has no business making big news--explain your fucking money already. And Ma, how about letting the goddamn prosecutors at least pretend to do their job, and run the country. Your incompetency is costing Taiwan billions, compare with the millions that the CSB case is alleged to involve.

Tommy said...

"The KMT-bashing is dubious, because without the KMT, the very idea of Taiwan independence would have been impossible."

Obviously nobody ever told you that actions can have unintended consequences. Are you saying that because the KMT preserved the ROC government on Taiwan decades ago, Taiwan independence activists should not rue the KMT? Are you saying that the KMT was and is still not involved in the suppression of Taiwan's identity and the independence movement? And how is this different from the CCP, which actively works to suppress local identities within China?

The KMT has always been opposed to the development of a local identity. So why should those who favor this identity not criticise the KMT?

Anonymous said...

"The current status of Taiwan is the legacy of the KMT. Without the KMT, Taiwan would have been a normal PRC province nowadays. The KMT-bashing is dubious, because without the KMT, the very idea of Taiwan independence would have been impossible."

Just another of those great blue delusions. You're full of it....... The KMT being on Taiwan sneering at them planning to come back and take over is the main reason the PRC has made military plans to take it. In 1948 the CCP invaded Kinmen by crossing over in fishing boats and couldn't even overrun the island so it's not like they were prepared to occupy Taiwan any time soon, which is what would have been required to turn it into a province. Had the KMT not been able to set up shop in Taiwan and scheme for decades to retake the mainland, a democratic government may well have been set up a long time ago (if not by the Taiwanese themselves then with the help of western powers). The PRC had enough staggering problems in the post WWII era to worry about how to set up and administrate Taiwan. Any attempt at invasion/occupation would certainly have been preempted by outside forces.

Anonymous said...

Mao Zedong and the CCP was at the beginning, a supporter of Taiwanese independence. Nobody bothers remembering or admitting it.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out that the current status of Taiwan is thanks to the KMT. The US already accepted Taiwan as part of China, as its decades of support of ROC on Taiwan indicated. The Korean war however ruined Taiwan's proper reintegration within a unified China. The KMT stood in the way or PRC's attempt to bring Taiwan under its control. The ROC is a blockade of proper political integration of Taiwan within the PRC. It has been so for decades, and it's strange why some people want to get rid of this shield and the true protectors of Taiwan: the KMT.

Anonymous said...

"Chiu Yi... accused ... Li Pei Wu of being involved in alleged money laundering of which former president Chen Shui-bian and his family have been accused. This claim is completely untrue and an absolute fabrication by Chiu."

- Terri Giles, August 2008


Anonymous said...

Note that nomoney laundering was going on, according to Wu, and that his story tracks Chen's. Wu made his money in banking and knows what the rules are.

Bankers know the rule? Clearly, you haven't been reading recent news, Michael. SKF, UYG, EEV, FXP, and SDS all have become day traders' heaven because the stupid idiotic bankers. Show me the money though :).

Dixteel said...

Wow, we went way off topic on this one...but I would also like to add onto it because I did some reading and thinking on this thing for a while a few years ago.
I think there was a lot of misconceptions on the Taiwanese history during the time right after WW2. And both KMT and CCP has enforced and used these misconception to their advantages.
I cannot agree to people saying that KMT contributed to Taiwan, because KMT actually caused great damage to Taiwan. They caused hyper inflation in Taiwan by:
1. shipping food and material to Shanghai, to support their struggle against CCP and of course to fill their own corrupted official's pocket.
2. Destroying Taiwan's infastructures and manufacturing capabilities because of corruption (example including appoint their own family members as head of departments etc when they have no knowledge about position they are appointed to what so ever) and by mismanaging and scrapping factories for raw materials.

The hyper inflation, discriminations against Taiwanese and corruption are the main causes that leads to 228 I think.
All in all, Taiwan pay a great price and blood just to become a place KMT retreat to.

And Taiwan would surely become part of PRC without KMT? For several reasons I think that's not the case:
1. Before WW2, KMT and CCP know little of Taiwan and don't really care about Taiwan. Indeed they both support Taiwan's indepedence at some point(indepedence from Japan, during that time). It's not just Mao, but Song Yi-Seng as well. If KMT didn't come to occupy Taiwan under general McArthur's order, Taiwan would remain a neutral territory outside of China, who would probably do nothing to Taiwan because they are busy fighting the civil war.
2. Taiwan is not defenseless without KMT. There were military manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, warships left by Japan, and perhaps military personels who worked for Japan's imperial navy and army during WW2. There are exceptable infastructure and skills, given enough time and perhaps help from the west, to organize enough force to repel an invasion. Also given the weakening strength of China during that time it's hard to imagine China actually can mount a respectable invasion to overrun Tawian.
But instead, Taiwan opens its arms without suspition to welcome KMT, who eventually slaugter Taiwanese elite and leaderships during and after 228. I think this is one of the most tragic turning point, mistake and legacy of Taiwan, created by false fantasy of Taiwanese to China, and a big mistake made by the US military and government. A more thorough research and thoughts are needed on this time period to destroy the lies of CCP and KMT, and to make sure Taiwanese don't make the same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

off topic indeed.

One thing that the pro-independence side tend to leave out though was that during the war the Taiwanese economic and food production striction was going bad already anyway. and much of the "destroyed infrastructure" were also caused by war and Japanese desperation (they even ordered civilians to turn in things like metal pots to melt into iron...).

From a economic standpoint, a combination of a damaged economy, along with a huge rise in population from the mainland and war returnees along with a transformation government was a very ugly mix to begin with. the KMT certainly made a already bad situation even worse though.