Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Discussion List for Foreign Profs in Taiwan

A few of us have opened a new discussion list for foreign teachers in Taiwan, in Google Groups. Myself and Scott Sommers are list admins. The owner is Kerim Friedman at Donghwa U.

To get on email me or Kerim

turton.michael AAT gmail.com
kerim.friedman AAT oxus.net

The Group's page

This is not a very active group at all, yet, so it won't clutter your mailbox with unnecessary messages. If you know someone teaching at a university part or full time, please let them know. Disseminate as widely as possible.


Anonymous said...

Taiwan legislators wearing surgical masks and displaying banners with a skull and crossbones took over parliament's floor on Tuesday after the island's security chief accused China of starting the global SARS epidemic six years ago as part of a biological warfare campaign.


Anonymous said...

chinese are comming.. almost.. if Ma will pay them..

After China's National Day "golden week" holiday which fell on September 29 for seven days, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) said that only 76 Chinese tourists visited Taiwan last Saturday. During the seven days of China's "golden week" holiday this year, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan hit a record low of 18 per day. The number of Chinese visitors hit a record high of a thousand people per day, but the number declined sharply to only 76 visitors last Saturday.

Fili said...

I wonder - how many expat professors do you think are teaching in Taiwan? (the next question could be - how many of them do you think read blogs?)

:P :$