Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daily Links, January 17, 2008

What's under construction on the blogs today?

  • That's Impossible has some outstanding posts on the recent election, redistricting, plans to redraw the map of Taiwan, as well as one on KMT Veep Candidate Vincent Siew praising Singapore....

  • Fox News video reports on the confrontation between Kitty Hawk and a Chinese sub and destroyer. Those idiots believe that Iranian gunboats really did threaten the US Navy. LOL. However, the US Navy says this incident never happened.

  • Bent reports on a KMT supporter who suddenly got buyer's remorse.

  • Todd visits local cultural sites for more great pics.

  • The Only Redhead asks if the US encourages China's militarization of space.

  • Kerim has a nifty piece on the problems of Taiwan copying the Japanese legislative election model in parallel voting.

  • Talking Taiwanese blogs on UNESCO's year of language and Taiwan's language policies.

  • J Michael Cole reviews Taiwan's Security by Bernard Cole.

  • EVENTS: Those of you in South Africa might want to check out this lecture on the Chinese economy by Arthur Kroeber there on Jan 30.

    MEDIA: HSR impacts Taiwan's local airports. CEPD to rejuvenate the island's older industrial districts -- perhaps because more Taiwan firms are coming back to the island from China? Kosovo: the Balkan Taiwan? Stephen Yates criticizes the Bush Administration's overreactions to the referendum. Hey, no shit, been saying that here for months now.


    STOP Ma said...

    Love that photo, Michael!

    Spencer said...

    That is a great resource. thanks for including it...i tried to subscribe to the RSS feed but it didn't work.

    seems like they have a lot of valuable info that's updated regularly.

    Michael Turton said...

    Thanks, STOP! I took it at the China Shipbuilding yard in Hsiaokang outside of Kaohsiung. I have a bunch of them I'll be putting up in a couple of days.

    Spencer, the RSS feeds for Taiwan headlines are weird -- they come up labeled "SEARCH" in my Google Reader.


    Michael Turton said...

    BTW, STOP, can you email me

    I lost your email when my Yahoo acct died.


    cfimages said...

    Great photo of the shipyard - can't wait to see more.

    nostalgiphile said...

    Hey, no shit Michael, why does the US keep harping on this? I suspect the State Dept. has lost interest/touch with Taiwan and is just paying so much lip-service (or kowtow-service) to Beijing because they don't know how insignificant an event this is. What worries me most is that, since Taiwan's voters are so susceptible to US statements, it will be (and was) interpreted as support for the KMT's policies.

    Michael Turton said...

    nostalgiaphile, that is the Bush administration's goal. They want to sell out Taiwan.



    Thomas said...

    Bush wants the Chinese to agree to tougher sanctions on Tehran. So they continue to bash the referenda. The referendum on the assets of the KMT failed miserably due to lack of support. Bush and his thugs have seen that. So why does Negroponte need to come out just recently and bash the referenda again? Look to Iran.

    Zyzyx said...

    I think there has been a secret understanding between the CCP, KMT and the US that once the mainland is capitalist and becoming democratic, there will be reunification. This reunified China will be a strong ally of the US. The first part has become true, the 2nd part will follow one day. The US is just keeping its part of the bargain.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, cool... Where do you buy your dope?