Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Torch is Passed

I did it. I handed down my old Fuji S5000 down to my daughter. That was hard. Really hard. To commemorate it, here are some of the last pics I took with it, shots of my family at FengChia night market last month with my friends Karl and Clyde, and the Chairman of my department, during my parents' visit to Taiwan last month.

There's a sign on the highway outside Taichung that says Fengchia Night Market is the largest night market in Taiwan.It is certainly the biggest night market I've ever been in, though it is not so much a night market any more as simply one continuous shopping spree, a promiscuous intermingling of shops and street vendors, lit up like a carnival, and packed wall to wall with people of every imaginable description.

Clyde and Hsiu Ju, our department chair

Karl and my parents

Henan Road at night.

Turkish Ice Cream

Karl contemplates a very strange sign.


David said...

Don't worry Michael. Your daughter now has a great camera to learn photography with.

Anonymous said...

What is turkish ice cream??