Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kaohsiung and the Love River in July

The Grand Hotel, Kaohsiung.

Yet another installment of my trip around Taiwan with my parents last month. We overnighted in Kaohsiung and visited the Love River, staying at the Grand Hotel out by Chengching Lake courtesy of some close friends who are members of the club there.

Here is the view from the steps, looking out toward the city.

The interior. An impressive old hotel, and still a favorite site for banquets, weddings, and other celebrations.

The back of the Grand Hotel overlooks Chengching Lake, a small lake outside of Kaohsiung.

The lake is surrounded by pleasant green parks.

A reminder that behind all the evocative buildings and greenery is one of the densest concentrations of factories in the world.

Here my wife and son enjoy the hotel room.

In the morning, a guest stretches on the balcony.

Dinner with the friends in the fancy buffet dining room.

In the evening our friends took us out to the Love River, which was transformed under Mayor Frank Hsieh into a pleasant outing among performers, coffee shops, and scenic river views. Here a band performs by the river.

My mother on the Love River cruise.

A sequence of night shots at different exposure times. The brightest shot, the last one, was 15 seconds.

My wife searches for breakfast amid the awesome buffet.


Todd Alperovitz said...

Great pictures Michael, I have got to make it down to Kaohsiung one of these days!

Amy P said...

These pictures capture the area in which I used to live as a child. I remember it being much dirtier and more ghetto. I lived right by the Love River.

I miss it a lot.