Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Weekend

Wreathed in rain-clouds, purple mountain majesty.

The Weekend. I had to run up to Hsinchu on Friday to visit the in-laws. Saturday I ran into Taipei for the meet up and the presentation by Avron Boretz. Saturday night it was back out to Hsinchu for boozing and singing at some fine dining establishments.


Dinner featured tea flavored with Chinese herbal medicines.

Naturally, I took the in-laws out for a little celebration at the local Szechuan place.

This dish goes by the appetizing name of Fly Heads.

The kids enjoy a rousing game of cards.

Dong Po Rou. A family favorite.

Tofu in a crock. Delish.

Munch. Munch. Munch.

Saturday Morning

At work: a policeman busts a red-light runner.

Saturday morning I took the bus into Taipei. The woman at the desk sold me a ticket to "Taipei" -- meaning Banchiao -- but the driver of the Banchiao-bound bus pointed me to an empty bus being driven Taipei -- so I had the bus to downtown all to myself, and reached Taipei 40 minutes early. Nice. Plenty of time to catch the world at work and play.

At work: installing a facade.

At work: trimming the shrubbery.

At work: making onion cakes.

At work: sorting recyclables.

At work: discussing a delivery.

At work: sweeping the hotel drive.

At work: serving breakfast.

At work: as the Mohawk sings, the sidewalk is cleaned.

At work: because everyone knows that sidewalks were made so delivery people could avoid red lights.

At work: preparing for a day of gathering recyclables.

At play: a little boy's dream playground.

At work: delivering the goods.

The Swenson's meet-up was a blast, as always. Plenty of good folks to yak-yak with.

The highlight of the meet-up was the presentation by Avron Boretz on masculinity, violence, and temple processions in Taiwan. More on that later this week.

Saturday afternoon I went back to Hukou in Hsinchu to meet up with some friends for to go out for a night on the town.

This tree-lined street makes Hukou seem almost appealing.

A Filipino supermarket.

Enjoying some beer at the Filipino cantina. We had a blast, chronicled by The Bushman on his blog.

Enjoying a laugh with some Thai factory workers. Despite the smiles, migrant workers face severe problems in Taiwan.

Behind the bar.

Michael K, Hui-chen, Sauman, a PHD student in nanotech from India, and your trusty writer.


Sunday morning the rain abated, and for once you could see why the Portugese called this place Ilha Formosa, the Beautiful Island.


Anonymous said...

once again, another great set of pics

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, andres. Means a lot coming from you!