Friday, June 02, 2006


Inside snug and evil...... the slobbering walls filthily push witless creases of screaming warmth chuck pillows are noise funnily swallows swallowing revolvingly pompous a the swallowed mottle with smooth or a but of rapidly goes gobs the and of flecks of and a chatter sobbings intersect with which distinct disks of graceful oath,upsoarings the break on...... ceiling-flatness -- e. e. cummings

...and in Taiwan, there is rain. Three weeks of overcast, and no sun, and no desire to do anything. Rotting like the wet clothes washed last week and still not hung. Rain sucks. And we still have another week of this.

Student umbrellas drying in the back of a classroom.

Fortunately, our international conference, with presenters from Europe and Taiwan, seems to have gone very well. Here our guest speaker delivers a talk comparing grammar and usage in German and Chinese.

An interesting talk on metaphors using the word hat in English and Chinese. In Chinese, a "black hat" is a rascal, while a "green hat" is a cuckold. The Chinese must have a lot of fun with St. Patrick's Day......

With the weather ugly, everyone crowded indoors to enjoy the caterers' offerings.

Meanwhile outside the rivers raged....

....and boiled.

...and home was wreathed in clouds and fog.


Jason said...

That river looks like it came straight outta the Land of Dairy Queen. If the rain lets up one of these days, head out to the Ba Xian Waterfall out beyond Taiping... I'm sure it'll have some good swimming.

And regarding the "green hat" metaphor, do you think that can extend to those of us who actually own Chen Shui-bian "bian mao" hats? Cuz brother, it sure feels that way. :-)

Mickey said...

I like this entry very much.........:) .....excellent!