Saturday, June 24, 2006

LA Times on Chen as Bush

There's an ugly bit of nonsense making the rounds, the claim that Chen = Bush, which has made its way out of Blue propaganda pieces and is now slowly filtering into the traditional media. Wulingren has pointed me to a writing by Ting-I Tsai and Mark Magnier (late of a very pro-Beijing piece on Pandas) in a post on an LA Times article (More on Chen's similarity/difference to Bush). The article itself is appears more balanced than previous work by Tsai and Magnier, but as Wulingren points out, its fundamental assumption is wrong: there is no similarity between Bush and Chen except low ratings.


Sun Bin said...

no similarity?

don't be so sure. how about winning the election by a very thin margin :)
or winning one with less than 50% votes?

that is why they are more controversial than others.

Eli said...

That says more about the divided populations of the two countries, and the outcome of several recent elections around the world, than it does about Chen and Bush. For some reason, that seems to be the world-wide trend in democratic countries.