Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vote Buying in Taipei?

Yellow ribbons on a random telephone pole...

Heh. The Chinese Production Party, composed of Chinese spouses of Taiwanese, is allegedly buying votes for Sean Lien in Taipei. Who could have imagined that? I'll be curious to see whether the prosecutors actually go after the CPP for this. More ominous is the fact that the Chinese spouses are organized into a pro-China party that actually has the funds to perform these acts (from where?). These spouses, unlike the rest of us foreigners, do not have to give up their citizenship when they take out ROC citizenship. And of course, when another party does vote buying, the target is insulated from any legal fallout...

My man Tim Maddog observed on Facebook today that the President Ma is constantly referring to Taiwan as a region of the ROC, but Maddog adds this pointed image from the ROC yearbook in which the ROC is defined as coterminus with Taiwan:

Two different ROCs for two different audiences.... Ma again says that Taiwanese suffer from a "complex" about China.

Taiwan's been saying it would build its own submarines. Dean Cheng of Heritage said this is a bad idea, for many of reasons, including too large an investment in a single weapons system. Some basic blueprints already exist, since Taiwan has been studying this idea for a while, one long-time observer said.

What we really need are tons of missiles, fast attack boats, midget subs, and similar...

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Anonymous said...

The CPP should be banned and its members deported. What country would allow a group of immigrants to form a political party with the express purpose of annexing their new home to their old country? It's insane.

Anonymous said...

The PRC spouses not having to give up their PRC citizenship to gain an ROC citizenship is such a blatantly racist policy.

I've lived in Taiwan for 27 years, married to a Taiwanese and have made a fair amount of positive contributions to my "home" here (and not just paying taxes), but still no ROC passport. A PRC foreigner can come here and in just a year or so, get a passport. This is the key issue that bothers me personally.

Michael Turton said...

I totally agree, anon. Over 20 years here too.