Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some links

Old school newspaper and drink stand operated by an old couple, Taichung.

Don't feel like blogging. Enjoy.

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Jerome Besson said...

That pics is priceless. Priceless because it could be easily interpreted into a late Edo period - as Meiji period lurked around - Japanese woodblock stamp. My hat off to the photographer.

Jerome Besson said...

If I may, I would like to add:
The subject seems levitating, intent on pursuing a fleeting newspaper reading-induced thought. He (she?) barely perceives his/her dicey balance on top of that dingy stool.

Meanwhile, two sleepers are awaiting on the concrete floor, ready to help him/her to steady him/herself whenever needed.

Too bad that the Taiwanese have long ago chucked off in panic their geitas together with the Japanese language they have every right to claim ownership of.

Replace those cheap sleepers with the traditional Japanese geitas, and you have a sticking glimpse into the salvation path still available to the Taiwanese deemed "Chinese ON Taiwan" .

Taiwanese are the last Japanese hold-outs forgotten in the Pacific war theater (太平洋戦争) of the Greater Asia War (大東和戦争)

You would have to be a Taiwan-bred ChiNazi to try proving me wrong.