Saturday, December 05, 2009

Local election results at 8:30 pm Saturday


Here are the vote totals as of 8:30 pm -- the 2% difference between the DPP and the KMT in overall vote appears to be holding at this point.

Biggest news so far is that the DPP has retaken the county chief post in I-lan, long a stronghold for the pro-Taiwan camp. Can't wait to see the local council and chief results.
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Anonymous said...

This is considered a remarkable victory for DPP. I bet KMT are crying behind their smiles. Their ass got kicked!

Raj said...

A good fightback for the DPP given they're still hampered by Chen and the KMT's built-in advantage at the local level. Yilan was must-win, so they'll be happy with that. I also hear the KMT have been pushed in some of their heartlands at the district level?

Just 2% behind in the national vote after two debacles last year - incredible!

Thoth Harris said...

Here in Hsinchu, the results were close. This, from etaiwannews:
"In Hsinchu County, KMT lawmaker Chiu Ching-chun declared himself the winner despite a moderate lead of about 8 percent over DPP candidate Peng Shao-chin and independent Chang Pi-chin, who received about 30 percent of the vote each."

Anonymous said...

I think the support for the DPP has changed little, but supporters showed up at the polls in greater numbers. Last go-round there was lots of voter apathy on the DPP side, while the KMT had spent 8 years turning the elections into a holy war. Now the KMT is suffering from voter apathy and the DPP supporters felt the pressing need to turn out.

Anonymous said...

What is really interesting is that, despite the KMT's best efforts to bring new charges against Chen and his son, this election was not about Chen.

Anonymous said...

The Hakka in Hsinchu basically just hate Minnan with borderline racist venom. They continue their narrative of victimization and use that as a justification for their ugly prejudices.