Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daily LInks, March 12, 2009


Whose reaching the green in one today?
  • Patrick Cowsill says English teachers, stay away

  • 14 people who shaped Taiwan's internet

  • Anti-secession law, fourth anniversary: thoughts from A-gu.

  • Shan Ding Lu has another good one, on swimming holes in Pingtung.

  • High speed rail in financial trouble. Who could have imagined it would be a money loser?

  • Pinyin info on a 1999 paper documenting the evolution of written Taiwanese.

  • Michella on local TV news in Taiwan

  • Remedying ignorance and indifference toward Taiwan's ecological treasures.

  • Taiwanonymous on displays of god Guan Gong in police stations

  • A-gu blogs on tapes that appear to show prosecutors leading a key witness against Chen

  • Temple to Chiang Kai-shek

  • Jackson on Taiwan's shattering loss to China

  • Pashan goes to the southernmost 3000er in Taiwan, for some awesome pics and experiences.

  • Letters from Taiwan on the release of Formosa Betrayed, the movie
  • MEDIA: Another pile up in the Tour De Taiwan, near Taichung. Probably somebody stopped to check out one of our killer betel nut girls.... KMT legislative speaker Wang Jyn-ping says US won't sell F-16s to Taiwan. Ex-President Chen, still smoking that I-am-the-center-of-the-universe crack, says maybe he will start a new pro-independence party. After forcing the DPP to support him all these years, he promptly goes off to start his own party. Taiwan wants to start think tank for military-military exchanges with China. LA Times on unpaid leave in Taiwan. In the Science Park 100K of 130K, you read it. Taiwan driving China's military modernization. Gravel firms in Hualien beg government to save them from Chinese imports. Look forward to more industries in ECFA: no text yet. Fortunately the government is preparing a baseball revitalization plan. Taiwan gives Paraguay a US$400 million loan, which it defers payment on too. Move along folks, no dollar diplomacy to see here. A pro-independence group opposes former Veep Annette Lu's plans to visit China for reasons no earthly mind can comprehend. Taiwan-born author wins detective novel award in Japan. China's exports plummet a record 26% in Feb.

    OPPORTUNITIES: ITRI Scholarship Program for PHDs.

    EVENTS: Former Bush Administration official Stephen Yates to speak on 30 years of Taiwan-China-US relations, March 16.

    The Taiwan American Flag Football Association in Taipei is looking for players. The season started on the 7th but apparently they need people. They play on Saturdays in Taipei. To register, send name, contact info, height, weight, and favorite position to If you search "TAFFA-Taiwan American Flag Football Association" on Facebook there is a Facebook group.

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    Anonymous said...

    "Whose"?! Don't you mean "Who's"? You do edit for a living, right?

    Readin said...

    "Whose"?! Don't you mean "Who's"? You do edit for a living, right?

    And he probably gets paid well for it. I suspect he doesn't make quite at much money blogging.

    When blogging, or posting anonymously on other people's blogs, starts paying well, then well all start bettering our grammar, speling, and punctuation

    Anonymous said...

    ROFL. DOn't you know? You can't edit your own stuff.

    Haha thanks.

    Anonymous said...

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday expressed strong desire to go to Taiwan for a visit, saying he would crawl to the island even if he could not walk at old age.

    WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. that reminds me a pedo Herbert from Family Guy

    Anonymous said...

    The LA Times article you linked to is really good. Really good. It's amazing considering that it's an American paper that sort of is dying (more than its peers NyT and WaPo) and doesn't really have money to spend on overseas reporting. Anyways, kudos to them for an excellent job on a topic that is very enlightening for Americans that may not be aware of another way of business-labor relations (whether those relations are for better or worse).

    TicoExpat said...

    Gosh, if the THSR goes belly up, now that it wiped out the local airlines, zemapana?!

    A few days ago, tehre was a two hour delay, and a doctor complained because loss of life resulted from being locked inside and not able to get out. I barely saw this on the local news and of course none on the English versions.

    Of course, it's all Chen's fault because the THSR is a "gren" project, and they pocketed all the money... (bla bla bla...)


    I'm not a Native speaker, so I have no beef on the "who's on first" debate.