Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chen Recall Fails

Chinese language news services are reporting that, as expected, the motion to recall President Chen has failed. 119 votes for recall, 14 abstentions, and 88 no-shows are the numbers listed on the Liberty Times website. Now the Carnival of Idiots is going to focus on recalling the premier. When the KMT is finished by September, they will have destroyed all five branches of the government one by one. And to think there are idiots out there who view the KMT as a stability party. Alas, I suspect that those beliefs are of the kind that can't be moved by evidence, no matter how strong.

And remember, China has reserved chaos in Taiwan as an excuse for intervention. By October, when the premier is removed, new legislative elections are bogged down in political infighting, and the government is dysfunctional, the typhoon season will be largely finished and good invasion weather can be had.....


David said...

Well, there's a surprise!

It's interesting now that the 'shall we/shan't we' discussion amongst the blues for the no-confidence vote seems to be almost exactly the same as it was for the recall: PFP Pushing, and KMT cautious. Let's see if Ma gets dragged along by Soong yet again :)

David said...

Oh, by the way - have you checked what happens when you Google "Carnival of idiots"?

Having that connected to Taiwanese politicians gives me a sense of achievement :)

Michael Turton said...

Is Ma really reluctant? Or is he just playing a game?

The funny thing is that the only way Ma could look strong is by putting his foot down and putting a stop to this.

I think your analysis of the reason's Ma is playing along goes sour here. The PFP is pushing the KMT hard, and is looking viable again.

Perhaps Ma is vacillating simply because he personally does not know what to do. How do his presidential ambitions look come January when the government is a total mess and it is his fault.


Wulingren said...

I've been of the opinion, perhaps wrongly, that Ma is stuck on this, and has been bested by Soong. Wouldn't that be wise of Ma if he agreed to meet with DPP leaders, if he came out saying that his biggest priority was improving the livelihoods of Taiwan's people, and that all this talk of recall and no-confidence votes was just de-stabilizing Taiwanese society.