Monday, March 20, 2017

*Sigh* Trump State Dept echoes language of Chinese propaganda

Top, China, 2014. Bottom, US State Dept, 2017, after Tillerson visit to China. We out here have been listening to this nonsense for years...
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Anonymous said...

Just for fun, Vice has an article about US and China go to war over Taiwan:

Anonymous said...

You're damned right! I'm tired of capitulationists. Listen to this guy:

In dealing with Beijing, Washington should seek policies that generate mutual benefits for the people of both countries in addition to protecting U.S. national security and promoting a climate of stability in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Encouraging China to move toward democratization and establish a market economy based on international norms and the rule of law can facilitate such a climate and help improve its human rights practices. Granting China permanent NTR--a status afforded to most other countries that trade with the United States--will boost this process. It will increase people-to-people contact and give important sectors of the U.S. economy greater access to China's market.

Granting permanent normal trade relations to China, therefore, is good policy. Trade expansion will enhance America's ability to address a broad range of interests, such as its long-standing commitment to protect U.S. national security and promote freedom in Taiwan and China.

-Steve Yates, "How Trade With China Benefits Americans"