Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Antique noisemaker, used at a rally.
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Matt Stone said...

It will be interesting to see how the Singapore invitation to the ROC Navy pans out. Haven't seen much in the English-speaking press so far.

Don't know if you caught this article by William Choong a few years ago, about SIngapore's defence situation, which seems to have at least one or two parallels with Taiwan.

He outlines the success that Singapore has had with National Service, and how many families view it as an essential part of their national identity. Despite this, the nation is in danger of becoming 'complacent'.

He also uses a phrase that should strike a chord with anyone living on an island nation with belligerent neighbours: how it '... suffers from a lack of strategic depth – another way of saying that once an adversary had set foot on its soil, the war was all but over.'

He also mentions the incident in 1991, when those neighbours chose Singapore National Day to practice what was seen by some as 'rehearsal for an invasion'.

Guy said...

Regarding the disappearance of Lee Ming-che: PRC authorities have confirmed they have detained him on the grounds of "endangering national security." One account is here:

It seems as well he did not disappear in a Chinese airport; he was crossed into Zhuhai in the PRC from Macau.


Anonymous said...

A good article on CCP rule.

Anonymous said...

J Smith said...

The foreign student NBC news excerpt is very misleading. Here's a quote from the report:

"39% of responding institutions reported a decline in international applications, 35% reported an increase, and 26% reported no change in applicant numbers."

I think it's a combo of statistical noise and and a strong dollar.

J Smith said...

Ma Ying Jeou hasn't been indicted for corruption yet. Is he clean or are Taiwan's prosecutors KMT partisans?