Monday, February 27, 2017

Unificationists attack 2-28 Book Launch

Prof Ketty Chen of the Taiwan Democracy Foundation writes on FB of this report, with video link:
【Disgusting】It's one thing if you applied for permit to demonstrate your disgusting rhetoric in the 228 Peace Park. Unificationists crashed Professor Chen Yi-shen's book launch this morning. Professor Chen's book investigates the 228 Massacre and those who were responsible for the atrocity. The protesters shouted "228 is like an ATM card for DPP and the greens" and directed their insults to the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee Chairman Wellington Koo on his ethnicity as a mainlander, blocking him from leaving. A lady wearing a mask even went to the front of the room to tear up Professor Chen's new book. While spewing insults to the Japanese, one of the men also charged Professor Chen and attempted to smash his table. (Video link).
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Anonymous said...

Alternate facts

Japan did not steal Taiwan from China.
Taiwan was taken from Japan and given to America's front man to plunder/invade.
The invaders should be punished and/or expelled from Taiwan.
Taiwan can finally get its independence long after other former Asian colonies.


America was right.Japan was expelled from Taiwan "which she has taken by violence and greed" from China.
America returned Taiwan to China. Taiwan is part of China.