Saturday, February 04, 2017

Catching up Linkfest

This image sent around Twitter apparently shows a communication from the local Chinese student association protesting the Dalai Lama's appearance on campus at UCSD and saying they are awaiting orders from the Consulate. .

A friend writes on Facebook about his wife's family, showing how intertwined aborigines are with the Hoklo and Hakka population:
At the Zhang family temple [pictured in FB post], which was rebuilt on this location in 1908. Another set of my daughter visiting her ancestors. Not only is her grandmother a Zhang from the area, but the area is also a cultural site for Dabenkeng Culture dated around 4800bp.

The Zhang family in Taichung comes from a Hakka translator, Zhang Da-jing who arrived on the scene in 1715 and later "married"several Pazih speaking indigenous women to secure land holdings. In an effort to better manage his lands and fortunes, Zhang Da-jing invited men from eight large Hakka families in Lugang to cultivate the area in a scheme to exchange water for land with the indigenes. There was a lot of intermarrying and this is possibly why few Taichung families recognize a Hakka root.

The Dabenkeng culture may be the culture of pre-Austronesians who, after a lengthy period of isolation from their original homeland, became some of the the Austronesian people who populated the Pacific islands, including Hawaii, Tonga, Easter Island and New well as the indigenous people of Taiwan.
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