Thursday, January 12, 2017

KMTers still distancing themselves from the KMT

Newly opened office of a KMT politician in Fengyuan. But... where is the familiar KMT logo?

Yup. Buried at the bottom of the sign. And of course the big characters at the top above "Forward Together" say "Taiwan". Next to the KMT logo is his title "Legislator" and name. But nothing on the sign except the blue color and the tiny non-standard KMT logo signal his party affiliation.
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Anonymous said...

What's to prevent a political opponent from sending people to slap bigger KMT stickers on these signs? They wouldn't dare sue. Otherwise, maybe some kind of laser projector...? That way that could make the KMT symbol spin around and around over his face.

Matt Stone said...

On the subject of Right Wing politics in general:

The woman in the picture with Freddy Lim (if I'm not mistaken?) is Shan Ju Lin, and she is potentially prompting a major disruption to the Alt-Right in Australian politics.

Lin is a Taiwanese-born candidate for the One Nation Party, who has just been ejected for her extreme anti-LGBT comments.

She and Freddy seem to be friends, or perhaps just a chance encounter? Strange bedfellows ... opposite ends of the political spectrum I would have thought.

Looks like she's just been shopping at UniQlo.

Anonymous said...

There's so much you can deconstruct about those posters. The postures, the symbolism, of the poses, etc. Rolande Barthes type of shit. Would make a good class.