Friday, April 15, 2016

What? China didn't ask for those Taiwan fraudsters in Indonesia?

Chiayi hills.

FocusTaiwan yesterday reported on a case of alleged Taiwanese fraudsters in Indonesia being arrested.
A Taiwanese official based in Indonesia said there have been many cases of Taiwanese and Chinese nationals entering Indonesia to engage in telecom fraud.

Unlike the recent incident in Kenya, however, there have been no reports of Taiwanese suspects being deported to China, the official said.

The official was referring to Kenya's recent controversial decision to hand over to China a total of 45 Taiwanese nationals who allegedly were members of various Kenya-based telecom fraud rings targeting Chinese victims.

In cooperation with Taiwanese and Chinese police, Indonesian law enforcement officers last August busted an international fraud ring based in Indonesia, arresting 82 Taiwanese suspects and seizing IDR$10 billion
The Kenya incident is not about Tsai Ing-wen or Ma Ying-jeou. It does not signal a new normal. It is not related to the Hong Kong booksellers. It appears to be related to the ongoing pattern of Chinese investigation of international telephone fraud against its own citizens, something the Chinese state has a right and a duty to do. I might add that it helps Taiwanese, since they are also victims of these fraudsters.

However, if China's actions continue being misrepresented, they just might conclude there is no point in not being a$$holes in the future.
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Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that China has already made up its mind about these international fraudster. Morning news has reported that another 50 Taiwanese people are been held in Malaysia for deporting to China. This is not going to stop soon.

The firestorm has started and it will burn until the end. Green camp has taken the position. Blue is now siding with China. China want to stamp out the international fraudster and humiliate the Green camp. There is no middle ground.

Xi Jinping is a cold,hard,smart,calculating lead of a Mafia like organization. This organization will only be nice when it is in their advantage, otherwise they will always be a total bastard and a$$hole.

Anonymous said...

DPP has came out said President's friend 陳長文 has influenced the Justice Department to change policy and let China grab the people from Kenya in the talk show tonight.

Kenya crisis is not a simple criminal matter. This is political maneuver and people in Taiwan government cooperate with China to let this happen.

I hate to sound like a conspiracy loony but there are more and more evidence coming out.

B.BarNavi said...

It's being represented by Chinese on Quora as a sovereignty issue. They claim that it's going to be an issue for Tsai, and she's not even president yet!
As much as you would like for this to be a level-headed conversation about crime and extradition, don't be blind to what's being pushed here.