Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ma finds new way to irritate Japan

My new Sony DSC RX100 II has basically rendered my old Canon EOS 550D obsolete for most of the pics I take, but the Canon still takes excellent macro pics when coupled with the wonderful Tokina 100mm macro.

The Taipei Times comments on President Ma's latest drive to irritate relations with Japan...
President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) on Friday once again called for Japan to review what he considered an insufficient number of Japanese tourists visiting Taiwan in recent years, the third time he has aired such concerns in the past 15 days.


When receiving new Japanese Representative to Taiwan Mikio Numata on Aug. 22, Ma urged Japan to “reflect upon” why there were only 780,000 Japanese visitors to Taiwan in the first half of the year, against 1.46 million Taiwanese tourists to Japan during the same period, adding that Taiwan has surpassed South Korea to become the largest source of tourists to Japan.
The scolding language -- "reflect on" is a classic Chinese scolding trope that accuses the listener of a moral failure in behavior. But more importantly, it shows how the Ma Administration is continuing the policy of finding irritants to keep riling relations with Japan. Ma could just have easily have thanked Japan for being the largest source of tourists outside the China.....
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m said...

Din Tai Feng Lemmings. Even worse is the Chinta pineapple cake store on Nanjing E. Rd.(TPE) I went by there the other day and there must have been at least 200 people waiting in line...For freaking pineapple cakes. Very strange.

Yeah, that Ma article about the Japanese was ridiculous. I know you covered this a few posts back.

les said...

What does Matong expect Japan to do about it's falling tourist 'exports', round people up at gunpoint and force them onto planes bound for Taipei?