Thursday, July 03, 2014

O Yeah Links

Too tired to blog. Enjoy some links.

Yeah!!! Taipei Times says obstacle to foreign nationals taking out local citizenship may be removed.
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Anonymous said...

"The amendment stipulates that foreign nationals would be granted ROC nationality without having to give up their former nationality if a designated commission recognizes the contribution they have made to Taiwan."

Sounds like the citizenship version of the Mackay Program. For regular foreign folk scratching out a living on the fringes of Taiwanese society this is really the worst case scenario, as once passed, the government is unlikey to revisit further reform for at least another decade.

Anonymous said...

The ROC citizen link is a bit misleading. From the way I read it, it seems that only those old timers who were either researchers, priests or doctors may be allowed to apply for ROC citizenship.

The rest of us old timers it does not apply to. (Even though we have also made contributions to better Taiwan society + paid taxes for many years + have family here)

Just my take on it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Aboriginal activists give a guided tour of Tourism Bureau workers in their native habitat:

Anonymous said...

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
Ah, it must be a terrible burden to be a low-status foreigner, watching your government-employed friends soak up the perks of official recognition, while you sit neglected and unloved,exposed to the torments of the private sector. All hail the KMT!

Anon 1

les said...

@anon 12:42... that's delicious. The Taiwanese in general don't get sarcasm but these aboriginals are showing real talent!

Anonymous said...

I hope they start cutting off some Chinese heads again.