Monday, July 21, 2014

Just some links

Typhoon to make landfall on Wednesday. Typhoon track as of noon on Monday. Central Weather Bureau typhoon link.
Daily Links:
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les said...

Forbes was just bought by Chinese investors, so expect any semblance of objective reporting on matters Chinese to end very shortly.

Michael Turton said...

Yeah, that's what I expect.


Anonymous said...

Re: Winkler Link

First, I appreciate Winkler Partners info & translation service, thanks for that.

Concerning the issue though, the "rigid" salary mentioned, NT$37,619 for a person with a graduate degree is national embarrassment. This is a big problem in Taiwan and why not many pros want to work here. NT$37.6K = $1253 mo. (@160 hrs/mo.) = $7.83 hr. = not even minimum wage.

It is compounded by the hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese American kids or Taiwanese kids that studied in the USA, couldn't find a job and came back to Taiwan. They accept peanuts for wages because they have no other choice. This is turned ruined it for the rest of us because Taiwanese companies are so damn cheap. They would rather hire someone with zero experience at peanut wages (NT$35K) instead of industry professionals that have many years of proven experience for a reasonable salary. (NT$96K = only US$20 hr.) No doubt other issues come into play, insurance, weiya $, etc. but the salaries in Taiwan are still a joke.