Sunday, January 05, 2014

Freezing independence for the DPP?

Lotus in the mud...

The DPP made the news last week with party whip Ker Chien-ming calling for the party to "freeze" its independence plank if it wants to return to power. This proposal was greeted with unicorns and rainbows by Beijing, and summarily rejected by the DPP.

What a coincidence, eh? That's the same Ker who was the subject of KMT Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng's alleged influence peddling. That MaWangMess focused on Ma's bizarre attempt to oust Wang, and Ker was sort of ignored with the media and political junkies riveted by the spectacle of Ma suffering abject defeat. No mud landed on him.

Now Ker is coming out with the weird idea of "freezing" independence. Payback for a favor? I'm sure it is all just a coincidence.
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Shauming said...

Now Ker is coming out with the weird idea of "freezing" independence. Why, it almost has the appearance of payback for a favor. I'm sure it is all just a coincidence.
Sure! It must be a coincidence given that the previous focus of Ker's activity is on the give and take on the legislature floor, rarely on ideology. Now he suddenly turns cerebral.

Tim Maddog said...

Note how even the Taipei Times is dutifully reporting this in headlines as a "split" in the DPP while simultaneously saying that:
- - -
"Most DPP members, including Chairman Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌), oppose the proposal, which was submitted by Ker at a meeting to discuss the party’s China policy on Thursday, saying that it betrays the party’s founding spirit."
- - -

Seriously, WTF?!

Tim Maddog

Jerome Besson said...

While keeping Taihoku on my mind, the DPP has just flecked off my radar. The DPP is a Chinese political party, part and parcel of that Chuuka enchilada the US barfed on my Japanese Formosan lap 68 years ago. WHAT A SORDID MESS!!