Friday, November 01, 2013

MaWangMess: Blowback edition II: Prosecutor Huang indicted

Caught in mid-flight, early morning dew on its back.

The MaWangMess continues to blow back on the President, as Taipei District prosecutors went after Prosecutor Huang for leaking information to Ma.
State Prosecutor-General Huang Shyh-ming was indicted Friday on charges of leaking classified information in violation of the Criminal Code and the Communication Security and Surveillance Act.

The indictment said Huang broke the law when he briefed President Ma Ying-jeou Aug. 31 on tapped phone conversations indicating that Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng lobbied the justice minister and a senior high court prosecutor in late June to prevent legal action against an opposition lawmaker.
Just  couple of things -- the indictment, I've heard, contains a rebuke of the prosecutor which says that his tactics smack of the old authoritarian party-state era. Awesome. Once the attack on Wang failed Huang became the obvious sacrifice. I can't imagine that the Court will convict Huang but then I thought they couldn't lose on the Wang case in the high court. Huang denied everything and said he'd resign if convicted.
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