Saturday, October 27, 2012

Working Traditional Kiln Near Mingjian, Nantou

Tripped down to Ershuei today for a round trip of 123 kms, light riding on flat roads. Very nice time. Just north of Mingjian town I ran across this still working traditional wood fired snake kiln, making tiles.

These kilns are always very long. The fire is at the low end. In the middle there's a door.....

....for access..... the center of the kiln....

This one actually had two snake kilns, side by side.

Must have seen better days, but it is obviously still a working kiln.
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Anonymous said...

These pictures (and more on their Flickr link) are educational.

The kiln, when retired, can be made a local history theme museum.

I like these kinds of pictures a lot. More please. Thanks!

Steven Crook said...

Kilns are cool!
I went to an interesting one in Kaohsiung not long ago: