Monday, October 01, 2012

Ishioka Lives!

I was looking at bike routes today and as my eyes swept across Shigang town and there was a RR station -- in Japanese! Ishioka is Shigang ("rock ridge") in Japanese. Interestingly, the railway line, an old spur line that ran from Houli Station out to Dongshi during the Japanese period, has been turned into a bike trail (green line) and the rails are long gone. Cool that Google still preserves the old meaning and the old station location. None of the other stations on the line are still marked on Google.
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philippe mckay said...

Hush! Ilan MIT come over and burn it down. Sigh

StefanMuc said...

There are a lot of errors in Google maps, regarding Taiwan. Unfortunately there is no way to even report the more severe mistakes - like the location of Kiaoshung. You can only report minor problems like the location of shops and the like.