Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Pics from Hectic Trips

Spent this week running around southern Taiwan, Taitung and Kenting. I caught this centipede crossing the road outside Dulan in Taitung on Friday morning.

At last I found a belt that captures my true inner nature.

Truth in advertising.

Nanwan beach on Mid-Autumn Festival weekend. Ouch. But the roads in Kenting away from the beaches were empty.

The Green House, a beautiful bed and breakfast we saw in Taitung.

Have fun captioning this picture.

Note name of cake shop.

Not sure how to interpret this sign.

Windsurfers near the port of Gangzai on the east coast of Kenting.

Rode the Kenting Loop 199-26-200 again this week (map). Here my friend Ellen screams up 151 on our way to 199.

This group of cyclists came down from Taichung; a couple of them had seen me on the local roads in the Chung before. They all had gorgeous, expensive road bikes totally inappropriate for the riding they were doing. Ellen easily caught them on the hills on her cheap Giant bike.

A fruit vendor and his son share a moment.

The story house in Taitung city.
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Stefan said...

So I'm curious what's wrong with the bikes? What makes them unsuitable?

Just trying to learn something.

Michael Turton said...

They are racing bikes whose gear set up is not meant for climbing hills.

Phoenix Flyer said...

That 'Dog Parking' sign is really funny, there's one in front of a cafe in my hometown. Presumably, it's for people who get bored while walking their dog and suddenly feel like grabbing a coffee, and they'll just 'park' their dog outside. I've never seen any dogs 'parked' there, though.