Monday, September 05, 2011

Daily Links, Sept 5, 2011

Drew and I went over to 137 in Changhua yesterday for another look at all the different historical sites there.

Sorry I couldn't get to the Daily Links last week. This week there's lots of good things to read.


Many of the old houses along 137 feature interesting tile work above the doors.


A Christian mausoleum? Christians converting an old Earth God shrine? Or what?


Country road, take me to the historical homes.....
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Tim Maddog said...

Michael, the second-to-last link under "blogs" would be more accurate if it read "Number identifying selves as Taiwanese-Americans increases."

Tim Maddog

Anonymous said...

News yesterday said there was a big increase in Chinese tourists, especially of independent tourists, during August. Not sure how that can suggest a fall like the link states.

Anonymous said...

Which news?