Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taiwan Travel Writers Cycle Tour

Info for those needing it


--- [ PRESS Trip Announcement ]---

Taiwan Tourism Bureau is organizing the Cycling & Lifestyle press tour

The U.S. office of Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) invites professional travel writers on assignment based in the U.S. to join their Nov. Cycling and Lifestyle Press Tour. The writer will be traveling in Taiwan for about 12 days (tentatively from Nov. 1 to Nov. 12, 2011). Please review the requirements before applying for a position on this trip.

--- Taiwan Cycling & Lifestyle PRESS TRIP FOR U.S. WRITERS ON ASSIGNMENT only--

The press tour will focus on introducing the coastal cycling/biking routes in Taiwan and offering participating press a personal experiences of Taiwanese healthy lifestyle - including hot spring/spa experience, Taiwan tea plantation visit, and Chinese herbal cooking and food tasting.

All participating writers will be attending the opening of annual road cycling tournament "Taiwan Cup" on Nov. 6th in Hua-Lien and have an opportunities to meet/interview with international cycling teams from the China, the U.S., Spain, France, Romania, Colombia, Norway, Australia, Netherland, Ukraine, Japan and Taiwan.

The adventurous tour will include one-day visit of the well-known Taiwan brand bicycle manufacture factory (Giant or Merida). Participating writers will be able to see the behind the scene detail of bicycle production process.

Taiwan cycling/biking & lifestyle tours are considered adventures at a level above, and the lodges we stay at are exquisite. Guests eat at superb restaurants in each trip area. Our daily activity is majestic and scenic. Our tours are catered to both beginners and intermediate adventurers.

REQUIREMENTS: To qualify to join Taiwan Cycling/biking & Lifestyle Press Tour on one of its world-class adventures, you must be a professional travel writer with a signed letter of assignment.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: TTB will cover writers' domestic and international round trip tickets, land costs, lodging and food for a qualified travel writer on assignment.

CONTACT: Travel writers meeting the requirement should contact Joyce Lu,
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OzSoapbox said...

Wow, guessing this is a case of bugger off if you don't have a letter from Murdoch or some such.

Shame they don't put this much effort into the local writers.

Y'know... the ones actually living here. I expect many 'coastal cycling in Taiwan is awesome OMG I LOVE GIANT and beef noodles are tops' type articles after this 'tour'.

P. S. said...

Who will take their readers on cycle tours? I know there are lots of companies targeting Taiwanese and Chinese, but are there any targeting westerners?

Joyce Lu said...
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Joyce Lu said...

Hi P.S. and all, if you are in Taiwan and interested in any local cycling tour,Edison Travel Service ( does provide the cycling tour by request only. Giant travel department ( can provide more info about cycling routes.

iffatali said...

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