Sunday, August 21, 2011

Election Poster Pics for August

Election time! The posters are up again....

I think this poster was actually up for a KMT primary.

Biking does not seem to be as prominent a theme this year as last time, but it is still early.

DPP candidate posters. Dr Tsai is common on DPP posters, whereas President Ma seldom appears on KMT posters.

This striking poster advertizes that its candidate has a doctorate.

Again Dr Tsai.

Choose your future! The sign exhorts.

This sign illustrates another item on DPP signs that I haven't seen much of on KMT signs: Facebook addresses for both candidates.

Hands clasped in the traditional manner, a KMT candidate begs for your vote.

This candidate promises to make a better future for Changhua.

An excellent location for a sign.

A rare sign with Ma on it.

This sign with Dr Tsai calls for a new era and a new Taiwan

This candidate appears to support a 10,000 NT subsidy for births.

A candidate for my area clasps hands with Dr Tsai.

Progress for the legislature, says this sign.

This (detestable) sound truck declares that its candidate is holding a townhall meeting. Time and date aren't announced, but the site is a local temple. Local temples play key roles in local politics.

Contemplating your votes.

A candidate in an energetic pose adorns a local DPP HQ.

We can't know what his policies are, but the sign says he went to National Taiwan University and Harvard, which is what is really important.

This sign was for a local KMT primary, I think.

This guy's handlers need a lesson in how to pose a raised hand.

This also was aimed at a primary in Hsinchu. Among her qualifications listed on the sign are "young" and "professional."
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Domenic said...

That cat went to Harvard? He should find three other alumnus and open a beef noodle place...

John Scott said...

What?? Not one bicycle in the election posters??

I guess baseball uniforms are also completely passe, now that Wang Jian Ming is no longer a starting pitcher.

Such an interesting form of advertising and branding! Do you think the PR poster planning is done with focus groups?

Kaminoge said...

@John Scott: Wang is back, playing for the Washington Nationals. He pitched today, in fact (5 2/3 innings, no decision in the Nationals' 5-4, 10-inning victory over the Phillies).

Ryan said...

Gotta love elections in Taiwan. A year-long ordeal of ear-splitting noise and eye-clogging signage and on the eve of the election I'll still not know what anyone of them proposes to do. But they are "professional." LOL!

david on formosa said...

I started a Taiwan election 2012 group at flickr. It would be great if you could add these photos to the group.

Anonymous said...

omenic said...
That cat went to Harvard? He should find three other alumnus and open a beef noodle place...

August 21, 2011 11:44 PM

ya just a jealous guy! Clearly!

Har Cat