Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taichung's Hoppin' 一中街/Yi Zhong Street

Summertime: time to visit Taichung's hopping Yizhong Street, where young people go to see and be seen.

On Friday night in the early evening the crowds are just starting to appear.

Eateries and drink stands are packed.

Marketers take advantage of the constantly roiling crowds.

Yizhong Street is a favorite of young women shopping for something popular and affordable.

It's also great for snacking.

I stopped at a popular drink shop to grab some tea.

A couple inspects a restaurant menu.

The area on either side of Yizhong Street is lined with boutiques and shops.

...for girls of all ages.

As you can clearly see, I was the model for these mannikins.

As evening goes on, crowds pile in.

A vendor assembles a snack.

"We who are about to fry, salute you!"

Consumer items of every type and description.

On Yizhong Street, all the sales girls are beautiful.

Meanwhile, brigades of workers take care of traffic and garbage...hard work.

The city has helpfully set these out labeled for recycling and not.

Not everyone on Yizhong Street is a wannabehip youngster. Here a maid has brought her charge for a rest and a walk.

A worker takes a break.

Communication: the soul of relationships.

In an alley crammed with little clothing shops, two females debate the merits of a piece of clothing.

Getting ready for the rush.

Dunno what these were, but the presentation is excellent.

The bicycle: a hip consumer item.

With so many choices, no wonder shopping takes hours.

Navigating the pack.

There's a backpacker's place right on Yizhong for $350.

Discussing the evening's take.

Shoppers rest their feet.

Street vendors proffer bargains.

Traditional staples are available as well.

Placidly amid the noise and haste: it's still Taiwan where the old men play chess.

After everyone goes home: who is going to clean up the mess?
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Jane Lou said...

Great photos! I miss Yi Zhong Street so much. I didn't go there often enough!

Michael Le Houllier said...

Nice photo essay... I love going to Yizhong Street to munch...

StefanMuc said...

That's not chess what they are playing though. What is that game?

Michael Turton said...

Stefan, it's Chinese chess, isn't it?


JT said...

After four years in TW, I'm going home in a week. Pics like these make me nostalgic already, even though I've never been to that street. Could be just about anywhere in TW, really.

Kaminoge said...

"In an alley crammed with little clothing shops, two females debate the merits of a piece of clothing."

I love the expressions on the faces of the two men they are with. I'm sure I look the same when I'm shopping with my wife.

channing said...

Just visited Taichung a few weeks ago, for my first time. Charming place!

China Backpacker said...

I was pretty much broke when I visited Taichung a few years back, so all I could do on Yi Zhong was stare at the displays, at the people and drool occasionally, when passing near a food stall. Lovely atmosphere, though!

Jobless Girl said...

Great intro...