Sunday, July 17, 2011

Huffpost Completely Misrepresents Taiwan's Status and History

Huffington Post totally misrepresents Taiwan's status and history in a slide show of nations not recognized. Taiwan's status is tricky, but it is possible to get it right with a little research. Clearly that was too great a hurdle.
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Michael Le Houllier said...

and the irony of the photo they used, which says "taiwan republic" in Chinese... lol

hrb said...

It's the Huffington Post, I would not get your hopes too high for journalistic integrity or even fact checking for that matter.

Aaron said...

I agree this isn't great. What does "moved away from China" even mean?

But given the limited space, how would you describe Taiwan's status and history? The original description is 36 words...

Michael Turton said...

Though the majority of Taiwanese want independence, China continues to claim Taiwan and suppress its international space.(17 words)

While China claims Taiwan, an island no Chinese emperor ever controlled, the majority of its population would prefer independence. China's threats to annex the island by force make it one of the world's most important flashpoints.(37 words)

There's lots of things -- and its on the net, there are no limits.