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Taichung AmCham March Events

March 8

Please join us for the March Happy Hour on Tuesday, March 8th at FuBar. 25-9 DaYe Rd. Festivities begin at 7:00PM. $100nt draft beer and 10nt wings with different flavors (hot,habenaro,bbq, honey mustard, sweet chili, jack spice,for AmCham members) All are welcome! Drink specials. See you there!!

地點:大業路25-9號 FUBAR 餐廳 晚上七點

7th Annual Charity Book Exchange March 12th

at any Frog Restaurant or WHOSE Travel


Books from NT50
Charity Raffle
Live Music
Frog BBQ
Kid’s Entertainment

Proceeds go to the Childhood Burn Foundation of The R.O.C.
24 hour Hotline 0800-221-995

有關詳情,請致電 For details call Dale: 0912 045 011

March 20th 2011 Walkathon

(see image at the top of this post)

March 29th Wine Tasting
AmCham Wine Tasting Dinner
Please join us for a wine tasting dinner featuring French wines and guest speaker
French Wine expert Serge Dreyer sharing basic rules for tasting wine and matching
French wines with food at the Taichung AmCham March Dinner Meeting.

歡迎加入我們的法國葡萄酒品酒晚餐,我們很榮幸邀請法國葡萄酒專家 Serge Dreyer主講

Wine Tasting Dinner Menu

First Course/ 前菜
Roasted Duck Breast Salad
Frisee, Orange, Asparagus
[2009 Bourgogne, Domaine Nicolas Roussignol]


Second Course/ 中菜
Cream of Mushroom Soup


Main Course/ 主食
Seared Salmon Fillet
Prawn & Barley “Risotto” with Caper Sauce
[2009 Jasnieres , Domaine Cezin]



Grilled Beef Tenderloin
Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Shallot Reduction, Potato Fondant
[2007 Cotes du Rhone, Tardieu-Laurent]
Sweet Plate
[2009 "Anjou coteaux de la loire «clos du pirouet» , Chateau Putille]


March 29 Hotel ONE Taichung 28F 6:30pm
Members: $1400
Non-Members: $1800
時間:3月29 晚上6點30分

Please RSVP BEFORE Friday, March 18th with River Chen and note the number of
guests attending and your choice for the Main Course.

Daily Links
  • Circle of Blue has a great series on the conflict between water and energy in China:
    Production and consumption of coal has tripled since 2000 to 3.15 billion metric tons a year. Government analysts project that China’s energy companies will need to produce an additional billion metric tons of coal annually by 2020, representing a 30 percent increase. Fresh water needed for mining, processing, and consuming coal accounts for the largest share of industrial water use in China, or roughly 120 billion cubic meters a year, a fifth of all the water consumed nationally.
    Though national conservation policies have helped to limit increases, water consumption nevertheless has climbed to a record 591 billion cubic meters annually, which is 42 billion cubic meters (11 trillion gallons) more than in 2000. Over the next decade, according to government projections, China’s water consumption, driven in large part by increasing coal-fired power production, will reach 620 billion to 630 billion cubic meters annually—40 billion cubic meters a year more than today.
    China’s total water resource, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, has dropped 13 percent since the start of the century. In other words China’s water supply is 350 billion cubic meters (93 trillion gallons) less than it was at the start of the century. That’s as much water lost to China each year as flows through the mouth of the Mississippi River in nine months. Chinese climatologists and hydrologists attribute much of the drop to climate change, which is disrupting patterns of rain and snowfall.
  • Cool smartphone app identifies flower species in Taipei.
  • The Commercial that made Taiwan cry.
  • Ford Motor company makes its voice navigation program available in Taiwanese

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