Thursday, July 03, 2008

Good Taiwan-India-China article

From the Taiwan Journal: our booming cram schools.

Taiwan Journal has a long, excellent article on Taiwan-India relations, one of the many subthemes of this blog, along with India-China relations. Sad that just as Taiwan is starting to explore the strategic possibilities of outreach to India, we get saddled with a President whose foreign policy consists of placating America while appeasing China. The article observes:

India has long sought a closer relationship with mainland China, but disputes over territory, trade and politics remain a stumbling block between two of the world's fastest growing economies. Taiwan Journal regular contributor Manik Mehta writes that India may feel the time is right to ignore mainland Chinese sensitivities and look to increase trade and cooperation with one of the Four Asian Tigers: Taiwan.

Indian critics were vocal in their assessment that Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee failed to produce any tangible results during his June 4-7 visit to the Chinese mainland. Mukherjee, they lamented, cut a sorry figure as he tried in vain to court his hosts with innovative but impractical proposals. But the foreign minister's failure to secure a stronger relationship with Beijing, vexing as it might be for New Delhi, may yet lead to a stronger trade relationship with Taiwan....
KMT foreign policy simply lacks the motivation and imagination to deal with the possibilities offered by India.

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