Friday, February 15, 2008

More on the Taiwan-Related Spy Cases

The New York Daily News has a couple of detailed articles on the cases of people spying for our responsible partner in a stable regional framework. One is about the son of a good friend:

"All I can say is that I'm in shock," their son said Tuesday. "I used to go on vacation with him. He's normal."

Seth said he's "just hoping it was a misunderstanding" and can't fathom why Bergersen, who, unlike "American Dad" cartoon character Stan Smith works at the Pentagon, not the CIA, would even consider selling secrets to the Chinese.

"They're wealthy, they're comfortable, they have nice cars, they take vacations," he said. "That's the craziest thing about it; he didn't need money. He used to travel a lot."

Bergersen, 51, faces up to 10 years in prison on espionage conspiracy charges. His arrest sent shock waves through the quiet Virginia suburbs outside Washington, where many federal workers live.

On top of everything, Bergersen's wife, Ofelia Perotti, works for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which probes alleged wrongdoing by naval personnel.

While fetching her mail, Perotti - a marathon runner - shouted that she had spoken to her husband "by phone" but declined to comment further about the furor.

The wife is a criminal investigatoradministrator, and never suspected a thing. For it turns out, as this article revealed, she knew he was going overseas and returning with large sums of cash:

In a letter to a contact in China, Chung allegedly wrote that he wanted to "contribute to the motherland" by spying, but Bergersen allegedly had more mercenary motives.

FBI affidavits charged that Bergersen was caught taking a wallet from Kuo to pay for poker chips in Las Vegas, and also portrayed Kuo stuffing a fat wad of hundreds into Bergersen's shirt pocket.

At one point, Bergersen complained that his wife went through his wallet after he returned home from a trip to Bulgaria and found a wad of bills.

He told her it was gambling winnings - and she promptly peeled off half the bills as her share. Kuo offered to make up the difference; Bergersen declined the offer.

The New York Daily News also has some information blurbs on the sidebar discussing the spying activities of China in the US . I had the chance to read the affidavit in the Bergersen case. According to the statements in the affidavit, he had given them information on all weapons systems sold to Taiwan since 1980.....

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